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Cervical canal stenosis

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Can cervical cancer vaccine be given in pregnancy?

No, cervical cancer vaccine is not safe in pregnancy.If a patient has received 1 dose of vaccine and is now pregnant, she can take the other 2 doses within a year of taking the 1st dose,that is after delivery. Also,cervical cancer vaccine is safe during breast feeding . ...

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Sir I have some uneasyness on my left part of head and I have little pain on my left temple . I have already cervical spintolysis and whatay be the reason for uneasyness on left side. My left part of my neck also paining.

Hi, The common causes of unilateral headache are migraine,cluster headache, tension,trigeminal neuralgia,and temporal arteritis. However these headaches are more common in females but can also be seen in a male,cervical spondylitis itself can lead to headache unilaterally if you have strained your neck. Headache of migraine usually last for 24 hours You can also check for your eyesight if its been a while,do you have pain around eyes Do you have any medical illness? Do you have migraine? Are yo ...

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I wish to know the relation between synus bradycardia and cervical spondylosis.......

Hi, Cervical spondylosis are degenerative changes in your cervical vertebra,And if your sympathetic chain is involved in the area of the cervical region or thoracic region which passes very near to the vertebra then bradycardia can be caused.(sympathetic chain is responsible for excitation) sympathetic chain consists of bundle of nerves which produces excitation,however bradycardia might be due to other cause also it is not necessary that if you have cervical spondylosis then you have bradycard ...

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The ultrasound result for my expecting wife at 17 weeks and six days is as follows. Placenta: Fundo posterior; Maturity grade:0; FHR: 144 b/mt; BPD: 40mm(corresponding to 18 weeks 1 day); HC:145mm(corresponding to 17weeks 5 day); AC: 123mm(corresponding to 18 weeks 4 day) and FL: 24mm(corresponding to 17 weeks 3 day); Cervical length:4.4cm. What are the chances of the gender of the likely baby?

Hi, The ultrasound report only tells about the well ness of baby and various parameteres of the health of the baby like the height,the diameter,heart rate and expected age of baby and in which position is baby there inside the uterus and not the sex of the baby,if it would have been there even you could have read that but in india it is illegal to determine the sex of the child(it is a punishable offence to the doctor). ...

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I my root canal was about to happend, however due to my 2nd month pregnancy i need to postpone it. Rite now i am have sever pain in my teeth, please could you recommend if having crocin is good option

Take Crocin 650 4 times a day as immediate symptomatic treatment but still root canal treatment can be done inspite of your 2nd month pregnancy otherwise you will have to bear this problem for all the coming months. Get treated and be free of pain, suffering and tension to have a uneventful delivery. Meticulous maintaining oral hygiene and dental health leads to healthy newborns. ...

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my root canal treatment is pending due to my pregnancy, please let me know if having crocin as pain killer is good option and how may can be taken in week or day

You can take Paracetamol 650 as and when required. Please note that it is not going to cure the problem but give you symptomatic relief till the time of treatment ...

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should cyaymol forte tablet -BD. is right after the root canal.


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