is paneer (cottage Chesse ) is
  is paneer (cottage Chesse ) is

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is paneer (cottage Chesse ) is good for a) Diabetics b) reducing thyroid c) renal failure

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Dear patient,
paneer is a good quality protein and thus is good to consume for diabetics, but how much should it be consumed depends on the protein allowance, which is very individual and differs from person to person. The daily caloric intake, protein, fat and carbohydrate intake of every individual differs based on their age, height, weight or any associated medical condition.
Paneer has no role to play in reducing thyroid.
Renal failure patients can consume paneer, maintaining the little protein allowance that they have. The quantity will again depend on an individual case. It depends on a lot of things such as whether the patient is on dialysis or not.

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a) if the person on dialysis twice a week b) paneer does it advisedly affect patients with thyroid. health advantage of paneer for diabetics

a) Paneer is a first class protein, is of good quality and contains proteins and calcium. Paneer also contains phosphorous and renal patients have risk of phosphorous retention, thus sometimes it is thought that paneer should be given but in a calculated quantity. For patients on dialysis, the protein requirement increases, and the phosphorous is washed away, thus paneer intake can be a bit more liberal. But yet again, the quantity can only be decided based on the entire days diet, depending on what other sources of protein, phosphorous etc. is the person consuming in a day.
b) no paneer does not adversely affect patients with thyroid.
c) benefits of paneer for diabetics
1. good source of protein and calcium
2. it has a low glycemic index (releases sugar slowly upon eating it), thus does not shoot up the sugar level suddenly.
3.easy to digest, light on stomach

Patient asked followup Question: 10 years ago

I am basically diabetic for last 20 yrs and i Have High BP since last 4 yrs. my weight is 103 kgs. my height is 5.11 My diabetes fluctuates between 110 and 200 . My present diet is as follows: Morning 1) one glass water soaked overnigh with two slit lady finger. Then overnight soaked methi plus karela juice and 4 badam, raw garlic and walnuts. 2) two fully boiled eggs out of which one only the white portion 3) two sada dosa. Afternoon 1) one bowl of Oates with capscicum and masala grated with cottage cheese Night 1) One big bowl of green Salad 2) One portion dal. two portion vegetable with two chappatis. Presently as it very cold in the night I have one boiled egg. Is the above diet ok

i do not know the reason behind consuming soaked lady fingers and why you are taking it,
soaked methi is beneficial for diabetics
karela juice can also be consumed
raw garlic i assume you are taking as an anti-hypertensive and can be continued
4 badam and 2 walnuts can be consumed daily
For a diabetic 5-6 small but frequent meals is advised, which inclused 3 major and 2-3 minor meals. For a diabetic, there should not be a gap for more than 2-21/2 hours between two meals, to avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). also intake of lot of food at a time could raise blood sugars as well is not advisable for a weight loss regime as well. You are consuming only three meals a day, out of which lunch does not seem to be of a normal pattern.
you can continue with the breakfast, oats can be preponed to mid morning. i do not know which masala you are referring to here, but since you are a hypertensive, salt and masala should be used with caution. for lunch you should take veg+ dal+ chappati. continue with a bowl of salad anytime you want. dinner seems ok. you are not consuming any milk products or fruits? if not, alteast 2 glasses of low fat milk (breakfast and bedtime), and once curd/ buttermilk should be added in the diet. fruits (100-125 gms) can be consumed but should be consumed separately any not clubbed with any of the meals.

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