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hi i am a 24 year old girl . my height is 134 cm ( 4feet 4inches) i have been taking growth flex v pro ( l-arginine and ornithinine ) for past one month on bed time and have noticed about 1.5 cm diffrence in height in few weeks . i would like to know is there any side effect of it . and i also consulted a doctor my spine is in really bad shape and i have a very bad posture and im obese. 63kg. my doctor said me that if my posture is improved and spine is straiter i may be additional 2-3 inches taller as my spine is curved ( like a opposite ' C" SHAPE ) pushing my hips out from behind and also a round slouched shoulder . I have started doing lots of exercise to lose weight and yoga to correct my posture 2 hours of intense streches everyday. will it help me ? is taking a arginine and ornithinie safe ? since iv already taken for a month and noticed diffrence . i also take calcium n magnesium zinc to strenghten my bones. please tell me will doing all these help me gain atleast 1-2 inches. my parents are quite tall both above 5.8. i dont have any other issues and my blood works are all fine no thyroid , no cholestrol no pco . my periods are regular . pls help doctor.

Hi, Most common cause of small height is inherited from parents,but since your parents have a good height i would recommend you to get your hormonal tests like growth hormone or consult an endocrinologist because they might be really helpful to you,since your height is to small as compared to your parents. The problem can also be related to your spine but spine can never make such a big difference to your height. The tablet you are taking is fine and can be taken for a few months,you should avo ...

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had thyroid in childhood......while dieting consultant put me on two tablets for weight loss,,,,,Ebexid and Carnisure 500......after the diet plan i have stopped taking both the tablets......by periods have been delayed for 16 days now....can these two tablets be the reason for the same???

Hi, The first thing we want to rule out is whether or not you are pregnant,although there are many causes to missing periods but since you have history of thyroid and you have ruled that you can't be pregnant so i would recomend you to get a throid test. When was the last time when you got your throid test and if you got them recently then please attach the reports. There can be many more hormonal causes to it,and periods can be corrected by giving hormonal drugs which will cause withdrawl ble ...

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i am 18 years old & have irregular periods . generally it is missed by 1 month. i have this problem since lats 2 yrs . i had been through thyroid test too but report is normal . i am on ayurvedic medication . i am taking dashmularisht & rajpravartani vati 2 times a day.. please suggest me what should i do which precautions should i take & which exercises to perform. will i have any pregnancy problem in future with irregular periods ?

Menstrual problem r because of lot of reasons like metabolic harmonal endocrine infections psychological nutritional etc u need correct diagnosis for ur problem then treatment becomes easy.u need combination therapy like medicine exercise diet yoga meditatition nutritional suppliment .I need ur detailed history investigation and previous medications. I have very good ayurvedic medicines for ur problem. no side effects. for more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three ...

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is ipill have any side effect to people who have thyroid??

Hi, No i pill has not direct side effects to thyroid pateints but has many other side effects which may indirectly effect your body. Avoid taking i pill so frequently it has bad effects on your periods. Yes they can effect your body,but that canot be determined like this. Are your periods regular even after taking so many i-pills. ...

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sir, my father has swelling in his neck.He has problem in swallow and he has pain also. some doctor says it s thyroid problem and some say dat he has lumps in his neck.Due to pain he has fever frm a week. sir is it d symptom of any fatal disease.

Number of tests, x rays, etc and patient's general health evaluation with clinical findings will pinpoint the cause to your father's swelling leading to diagnoses and finally treatment. The symptoms stated by you is common in Hodgkin's disease. Visit a hospital for evaluation immediately ...

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recently got my blood test done,doctor said..thyroid is found..t3 and t4 are normal TSH is 10.28.. help me down to find out the ways to cure it ..thanks! asap PREVENTION?????

Hi, The diffirence in two lab reports is to much and yes i would also say you to go for a third confirmation test,may be you may go for test right now or may be you can go after a week or two and wait to start for medicines till the time the test third report comes. ...

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