I get this attack of PSVT once
  I get this attack of PSVT once

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I get this attack of PSVT once in a while - after 4 years - the heart rate goes up substantially. I am on Calaptin 120 and Corderone - one tab. each everyday for the last 4 years. I was little irregular on medicine recently and then this attack. I am looking at an option of operation in Delhi.

PAST HISTORY : I get this attack of PSVT once in a while - after 4 years - the heart rate goes up substantially. I am on Calaptin 120 and Corderone - one tab. each everyday for the last 4 years. I was little irregular on medicine recently and then this attack. I am looking at an option of operation in Delhi.

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Patient asked followup Question: 11 years ago

Is it necessary to have the option ? Where can I have this operation at the best cost in Delhi ?


In PSVT surgery is recommended only if you are not controlled on drugs,however you told that you have been a little irregular on drugs.I don't find any reason why you should undergo surgery if you are controlled by drugs or if you have not even tested for all the drugs,because there are still options to change the drugs or increase the dose of drugs before you try the surgical option.
In Delhi surgery for PSVT can be even be done at Dr. RML Hospital new delhi ,AIIMS,safdarjung hospital all these are government hospitals.
Otherwise i have heard the best rates at medanta hospital gurgaon(out of all private hospitals),that is my knowledge and you may confirm at various private hospitals.

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Hi, For the symptoms you are presenting, we need to rule out the presence of angina in such a situation since you have told me that your blood tests revealed nothing. I also hope that you must have got an ECG done(which can only rule out presence of any heart disease). Excessive burping and such symptoms can also be due to gerd(gastro esophageal reflux disease). First of all you will have to rule out any associated heart disease,since you are in high risk group(diabetic,mildly hypertensive). ...
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Hi, The heart sinking feeling you described is usually can be due to sudden decrease in blood pressure specially in hypertensives. It can also be due to decrease in blood sugar if you are a diabetic or may be at times it could be stress induced. The other cause can be vestibular system related or some problems with your ear drums,then may be if you have continuous headache(migraine),some neurological problem or problem related to your eyesight or just simply weakness in your body. Many people ...
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