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  About a year ago I had a serio

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About a year ago I had a serious dental problem. I had an apicectomy performed and the surgeon left a lot of leftover amalgam inside my jaw. To cut a long story short my body rejected the amalgam and it started to come out of my jaw in pieces. Before the dentist realised what the problem was he prescribed about 4 courses of antibiotics and this led to a very severe balanitis after the 4th course. It got treated succesfully with cream and fluconazol(150mg). Now It seems to return in a very mild form lasting a couple of days after I treat with cream every couple of months or so. Do I need to visit the doctor again or should I wait until it stops naturally? I had surgery to remove the amalgam from the jaw when they realised that that was causing the inflammation. My jaw is recovering very well.

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it be better if you have a consultation

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