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I am 7 weeks pregnant and have taken meprate 10 mg for 5 days thrice daily thinking I am suffering from PCOS. I didn't have my periods since nov'12. I did an ultrasound and everything is normal in that. I didn't got bleeding as well since I was pregnant. I am hearing mixed opinions about side effects of meprate on foetus. Can you suggest, can I go ahead with my pregnancy, is there an complications attached...

Hi!! Meprate ( medroxyprogesterome acetate) is safe if taken accidentally in pregnancy.It is norethindrone( norethisterone ) that has harmful effects of genital organs of the female fetus. Also,fetal genital organs are affected between 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. There is no method to know that fetus does not have any congenital malformations.Even ultrasound cannot pick up many congenital malformations which may be due to various reasons ...

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Hi, its my 34th week of pregnancy, I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetics and i am taking insulin everyday. right now my baby is weighing nearer to 2.6 kg and my Doc is suggesting delivery in the next week itself, due to the complications and since there is a single loop of cord around my baby's neck, can i get a suggestion regarding this, shall i go with what my Doc says?

Hi!! Usually in gestational diabetes if sugars are well controlled on insulin,I would suggest delivery by induction of labour between 37-38 weeks of pregnancy.Also,there should be no other complications in the pregnancy.Trial of labour is recommended if no associated complications and even if single loop of cord is present around the fetal neck. From your query it seems that the pregnancy is not associated with any other complications.You should discuss in detail with your obstetrician regarding ...

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Hi im sam! I would like to ask if there is any problem by taking alaxan fr during the first trimester? Im on a 21 weeks of pregnancy today but i took a lot of alaxan on my first trimester that i didnt know yet i was pregnant already. Is there any complications that can my baby get? I was so really worried. TIA.

Hi. Technicallythe only pain reliever we give during pregnancy is Paracetamol. But, I would like to advise you not to worry too much. A lot of Pregnant patients do not know that they are pregnant on their 1st trimester, hence, they take a lot of prohibited substances for pregnant women, Majority have uncomplicated pregnancy and have perfectly healthy baby. 95% of babies with congenital problems are genetic in origin. ...

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