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  I have constant Halitosis, i h

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I have constant Halitosis, i have met dentist two weeks ago, they said that no problem in dental. so they suggested me to meet gastrology. The Gastrologist said that there is no treatment for Halitosis. So please help on the same as i have facing this problem almost 15 years.

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4 Answers

You can try constantly rinsing your mouth. Drink a lot of water and try using a mouthwash.

First of all, Don't worry.
Do you feel halitosis daily all the time, or is it after any particular activity.
Does it increases during morning time when you wake up?
Do you feel it or somebody else have have also complained to you about this, I mean your family members or friends?
Do you have any chronic sinus disorder or do you feel any mucus in throat?
Do you have mouth breathing habit?
Give me all these details.

For time being - use salt soda mouthwash, or some non alcoholic mouthwash, drink plenty of water, use tongue cleaner to clean the tongue and do warm saline gargles in morning.
Don't be empty stomach for a long period.


Drink lots of water in a day,concentrated saliva gives rise to bad taste in mouth.consult a physician for indigestion,as this might be a reason

Drink lot of water, eat less spicy food and keep your tongue clean as maximum amount of bacteria are harboured on tongue

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