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I would like to improve my body mass since I am very lean and skeletony for my age. I have been trying to do it with food only for a long time but in vain. I had been prescribed deca durabolin injection for a few days around 5 yrs ago and there was slight improvement but had to discontinue that due to travel. Could you suggest a good anabolic steroid tablet for me?

Hi, The easiest way to gain weight is to add calories to your diet. For every kg of weight gain you will have to add about 1500-2000 calories to your diet. Your diet must include at least three basic meals, and two snack meals, which should include high calorie diet, shakes, ice cream, butter, oil, cheese, dense potato, spreads and bread. If you are not gaining weight inspite of increased diet, then you should have a medical check up done to investigate the root cause. The drug you have al ...

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For my sister in the age of 14, few steroids injected to suppress the growth of an abscess which was grown due to herpes viral infection in the upper lip below nose. The abscess growth stopped and we satisfied about the medication. Now she is 30, but her personnel body growth is getting reduced day by day. She is around 40 kg now. We have a doubt, is there any side effect happened because of the steroid injected.

Hi, Steroids given by systemic route play a role in body stunting,but once the full body size is achieved or height is achieved,then body stunting doesn't occur and steroid leads to increase in weight gain and does not reduce weight. So if her personal body growth is reducing now after gaining full weight and height, the cause should not be steroid taken at that tender age,and she should have a detailed examination and investigation to find out the cause of the disease. Feel free to ask more ...

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I wanted rip my physic again. Got Anavar/Decca/T3/Clen/Stanaol cycle. But not yet started. I dint use any steroid cycle past 9 years. Want to start again. Actually we're planning for our first kid. Can I go with this cycle or should I wait until my wife's pregnancy confirmed. Suggestion please.

Hi, If you want to just build your body then i would recomend you to avoid these drugs,as these contain steroid which are not good for anyone in long run for your own health and have very severe adverse effects. Avoid it till the time your wife gets pregnant or pregnancy gets confirmed,after that you may have it,although the two things are not related but still. ...

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sir, my weight is 55 kg and my height is 178 cm .wight is not increase pleas an advice in modern medicine like hormone and steroid.i also take much more alternative medicine

I will not recommend steroids or any other altenative medications to gain wt, because all those are hazardous. Taking 3-4 meals, regular sleep and exercise is all that is required. Chart out the daily food consumed and calculate the calories, step up the calories slowly by 10% every 1-2 week. ********** calories with 50 gm of Proteins to be consumed depending upon your sedentary or working lifestyle. Avoid tobacco/alcohol. ...

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i had red eye for 3 weeks my doctor gave me steroid . i used it for 13 dyas ... but now red eye is gone .. but when i go out in sun ... i see lot of floating patterns trough my eyes ? some are transparent some are black marks ...? is dis any eye disease

It Has nothing to do with Red Eye And medicine you hv put !!!! Floater has very specific pathophysiology !!!! Very common troublesome ruled out By examining it with Vitro-Retinal Surgeon !!!!!! Its typically Dangerous until not confirmed !!!!! ...

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I m 33 year old muje last10 year se psoriasis hai aur last 3 year she psoriasis arthritis hai muje Dr. Ne folitrex aur steroid injection lene ke liye kaha es Long times side effects hair kya mai madision using time mai child planing kar sakta hu kya aur abhi Nazi jar salts to kab jar sakta hu

yes you can plan child with medication, just stop folitrax 3 months before planning. You should see a rheumatologist as soon as possible as there are many other medicines available. If you want you can come to Delhi... ...

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Hi Dr. I have serious hairloss problem day by day.suggest some steroid to control me doctor plz...

Arogyam Pure Herbs Hair Care Kit will help you regrow your lost hair easily without any side-effects ...

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