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I think i have social phobia , how can i escape from that

Hi, you should consult a clinical psychologist for evaluation of fears related to social situations. post evaluation, if the concerns you have are related with social anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy will benefit you. ...

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I have a heart sinking feeling and also the heart rate increases. This also adds up to my anxiety. I got an ECG and TMT done and both came normal. Not sure what next steps should I take? Please advise.

Hi, The heart sinking feeling you described is usually can be due to sudden decrease in blood pressure specially in hypertensives. It can also be due to decrease in blood sugar if you are a diabetic or may be at times it could be stress induced. The other cause can be vestibular system related or some problems with your ear drums,then may be if you have continuous headache(migraine),some neurological problem or problem related to your eyesight or just simply weakness in your body. Many people ...

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89 year old mother with history of epilepsy, breast cancer, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, atrial fibrillation, anxiety; was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Biopsy results not in yet. Miracle drug out there somewhere?

Hello, Let the reports of biopsy come in, only then various treatment options can be considered. Rather than hoping for miracle, treatment should be considered based on scientific evidence and rationale. ...

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i am having general anxiety,social phobia,insomnia

Hopes For you Visit Us at---> Hopes for you. We will try to solve your problem without medicines only with latest psychological therapies . We have nos of clients like you. Pl see feedback given by Clients. ...

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how to cure anxiety.

You can consult a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist for an evaluation of your anxiety. It would help in identification of the problem and they can suggest you an appropriate form of treatment for the same. ...

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i having anxiety problwm what to do

You can consult a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist for evaluation of your concerns. ...

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I am suffering from social anxiety disorder. I can not face the people . can not listen the speaches of the people. I hesitates to address in programmes. I can not even speak to my superiors, relatives, etc. When I start to go my jobplace ,I feel shyness and my heart beating increased . I had taken allopathy medicine for 14 years. But there is no so much improvement .allopathy medicine affected badly my sexual power. Now I am taking Ayurvedic medicine. But there is no any improvement. So please prescribe me any solution for my desease

U have anexity neurosis and social phobia problem. U Need proper medication and counselling and behavioural therapies for ur problem.i have very good medicines for ur problem.nosideeffects even it will help to improve your sex power and anxiety depression also.for more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...

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i m 30 yrs old, a female n hving a son of 5yrs. due to my anxiety problem i m taking paxidep cr12.5 and duzela 20 from past 2 years as prescribed by my doctor. i m feeling better after taking them , i hve tried to leave them a many times but the moment i leave it takes me to my previous condition. my husband n my parents always ask me to leave it as it will effect my health as i so young. but i m worried tht by doing so it might not worsen my condition, can you guide me regarding it. is there any treatment in homeopathic or ayurvedic?

For anexity depression there r very good and safe medicines but u have to take these for long term bases. Even u can take with allopathy medicines and after 6 months slowly leave ur allopathic medicines and contine ayurvedic medicines even life long. I have very good ayurvedic medicines for ur problem. No side effects. For more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. . ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

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Dr. Anand Prakash Rao Ghorpade

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Dr. Vinod Chebbi

  • Sexual Health Medicine
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Dr. Amaranath Mruthyunjaya

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Dr. Nitin Anand

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Dr. Chaithanya KS

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Dr. Ravi Soni

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  •  Lucknow, India
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Dr. Bhavisha Gandhi

  • Dentist
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Dr. Prabhat Panda

  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  •  Bhawanipatna, India
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