i am having general anxiety,so
  i am having general anxiety,so

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i am having general anxiety,social phobia,insomnia

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hello, i have a polyp under my touge that gets stuck on my teeth when i eat and talk, it is very sore and i was told by my dentist that i would have to have it cut out, i have a phobia of needles so i am unable to have it removed. i was wondering if there is any other way to get rid of it. thank you.

  Doctor's Answer

Unfortunetly no! Unless the causative factor may be a broken or sharp edge of a tooth, dental prosthesis or habit, in which case removing the causative factor will cause the polyp to regress without any medicine, but in your case follow the dentist advise get rid of the same ...
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I think i have social phobia , how can i escape from that

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, you should consult a clinical psychologist for evaluation of fears related to social situations. post evaluation, if the concerns you have are related with social anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy will benefit you. ...
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Hi, I am due for elective surgery in 11 days for breast augmentation, under general anaesthetic , however I have used small amounts of amphetamines (base) Daily for the last 3 months. I have stopped taking them today, will this have an affect of my surgery? Will I be in danger whilst under GA Thankyou in advance

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, You should inform your anaesthetist and surgeon regarding the same. Because the amphetamines may have altered your requirement of anaesthetics. So please discuss with your surgeon and anaesthetist if it has been adequate time for the drugs to wash out of your system so your recovery is normal. Wishing you a speedy and uneventful Breast Aug. Dr.Surindher Consultant Aesthetic & Plastic Surgeon ...
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I have a heart sinking feeling and also the heart rate increases. This also adds up to my anxiety. I got an ECG and TMT done and both came normal. Not sure what next steps should I take? Please advise.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, The heart sinking feeling you described is usually can be due to sudden decrease in blood pressure specially in hypertensives. It can also be due to decrease in blood sugar if you are a diabetic or may be at times it could be stress induced. The other cause can be vestibular system related or some problems with your ear drums,then may be if you have continuous headache(migraine),some neurological problem or problem related to your eyesight or just simply weakness in your body. Many people ...
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What causes insomnia from the abcess i have not been sleeping at all the past couple of nights. I got the tooth pulled today will that help?

  Doctor's Answer

If the insomnia was due to pain caused because of the abscess, then yes, it will decrease the pain and resolve the insomnia problem :) ...
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