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GERD. It has been on and off since 2008. The condition worsened last month in Jan 2013 and I could hardly swallow any solid food. It just gets stuck in the throat and feel like I am choking till I push the food down with water. Liquids and semi solid foods are ok. The doctors did Nasal Endoscopy, Normal Gastro Endoscopy, Esopheagal Manometry, Barium Swallow X-Ray and all tests came up normal. I was told the swallowing problem is primarily related to GERD and I was advised Cintapro 1 mg tablet for 1 month. So far as I take the tablet, I am able to take in selected solid foods fine, but not all foods. If I do not take this tablet for one day, the problem recurrs back. Question 1: How long will this motility disorder be related to GERD ? Question 2: Are there any side effects of taking this Cintapro 1 mg to help in motility on a long term basis (Say if I need to take this for some more time) Questionj 3: Are there any other tests that will show the proper reason for this motility disorder of the esophaegus (Apart from Esopheagal Manometry, Gastro Endoscopy, Barium Swallow X-Ray) etc.

GERD will persist but the effect can be decreased by life style modification like good brisk walk for 40 mins, avoiding fat, consuming more curd and buttermilk rather than milk and keeping a gap of 2 hrs between food and sleep. Cintpro is by and large relatively safe drug for long term use till now. We need to see the reports of existing tests before we proceed with further tests Stress has significant role in symptoms so please be relaxed. ...

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suffering from Insomnia for the last 4 years presently, I am using Zolfresh 10 as sleeping media. but i am not getting proper sleep even after taking the tablet. since last 6 months, i am taking this tab during the day also,,, but NO firm results kindly suggest ne to overcome the sleeping disorder

Hi, Are you stressed up due to some thing ? Well even if you are loosing sleep is no solution to it and you should have a good sleep for your self. Sleeping pills are the last thing once should try cause if you are dependent over them then it is very difficult to have a good sleep. try out some simple steps 1) Have a proper schedule(to get up and to go to bed)even if you don't sleep then also you should go to bed at a fixed time this will help you fixing you down to a routine for which you ma ...

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He suffering bipolar disorder last 3 years please help me sir.

Please provide the medical files to make a proper diagnosis and to offer a correct advise. ...

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Can you guide me in finding a doctor who specialises on tmj disorder. I would like to know wat is the right treatment n if correcting my teeth allignment will be permanent sollution

Hello there. Well in order to fully answer your question i need to know your complete details cause your questions are different and not full of information. First of all which country you belong to because you have asked me for a specialist but i need to know your place of residence. Secondly, you have mentioned teeth alignment, which suggests orthodontic correction with the help of Braces, which is diferent from TMJ disorders somehow, which you have mentioned. Functional occlusion needs to be ...

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I am suffering from social anxiety disorder. I can not face the people . can not listen the speaches of the people. I hesitates to address in programmes. I can not even speak to my superiors, relatives, etc. When I start to go my jobplace ,I feel shyness and my heart beating increased . I had taken allopathy medicine for 14 years. But there is no so much improvement .allopathy medicine affected badly my sexual power. Now I am taking Ayurvedic medicine. But there is no any improvement. So please prescribe me any solution for my desease

U have anexity neurosis and social phobia problem. U Need proper medication and counselling and behavioural therapies for ur problem.i have very good medicines for ur problem.nosideeffects even it will help to improve your sex power and anxiety depression also.for more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...

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