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Skin complexion Sun exposure genetic factors

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Hi, I am 55 years old and have lost a couple of teeth because of cavities. Although, I do not have much problem in eating my meals but since I googled and did some research, I want to know if it is possible to get permanent fixed teeth back in the empty spaces. Also what would be the options & cost factors for them.

Hi , As per your query, it is very much possible to replace missing teeth permanently in any age these days. All that you need to have is the awareness for that and the require resources as well. To replace any missing tooth, the best option these days is a dental “Implant”. Implants have been into the existence for the last couple of decades but with the latest researches & developments specifically for them, their success rates have increased tremendously. You need to have a coupl ...

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Hi i am 23 days pregnant, Confirmed after blood HCG test. Consulted doctor, she prescribed Mankind's Unwanted Kit. She told to use it as per instruction ..I read the manual its written to take 4-misoprostol tablets after 1-3 days of taking the mifepristone tablet. Its mentioned to take Misoprostol Vaginally. As my pregnancy is only 23 days i don't want to take misoprostol vaginally..rather i want to take it orally. Can i take Mankind Brand's Unwanted Kit's Misoprostol dose orally in my case. If not mankinds any other good brands..cipla, sun alternative for using misoprostol orally. S. Dey. Age-25, Weight 49, Hgeight 5 ft.

Hi, The time gap is same whether drug (misoprostol)taken orally or vaginally.the drug whether taken orally or vaginally it is to be taken 2+2,you will take the first dose after 24 hours of mifepristone and then after 12 hours rest of the 2 tablets. But these drugs will be useful only if the pregnancy is intrauterine. Hope you have confirmed that. Yes it is possible that some products of conception are retained even after drugs and that can be confirmed only after an ultrasound,which is to be d ...

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I am male 40 yrs at India . I had protected sex but unprotected insertive fellatio ( 2 mins ) from a call girl . On the 11th day and 17th day after exposure went for both DNA PCR test and P24 antigen test and all the 4 tests turned out to be negative. Please appraise me about my current status and shud I consider the results to be conclusive . Please let me know wether I shud go for any more tests . If yes , which test and at what time frame . I somehow managed to avoid any sexual contacts with my wife. Looking forward to your kind reply and I am under lot of stress and guilt

Hi, That is true that it gives a conclusive result as told by the company,however since i have not seen many results by myself so i am not very confident since the test is not very old. You may get your test repeated now,just to get it confirmed and you may visit an internal medicine specialist and if you are so anxious you may also have hiv prophylaxis (if the doctor md medicine thinks it right for you). Don't worry as much as i have read about the test it is conclusive but since the test is ...

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i done my test p24 after 32 days past exposure it came negative what is its accurancy or should i wait for 3 months what is the conclusion please help i m very scared.

Hi, The latest test to be introduced in hiv testing is dna pcr test and is said to be of very high value and near conclusiive reports after 28 days of sex it can give you highly conclussive reports.This test i would recomend you to go. However inspite of this test p24 is a very important test and has great accuracy but would recomend you to get the above mentioned test done and you may however repeat p24 at 3 months,and elisa is another very important test which was previously the recomended t ...

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when my baby is born she is so fair and pink ..after two day her face and body look radish ,after 4/5 days she look darker . lots of people said don’t worry baby color will change after some month .i don’t know but her complexion looks dull now .my husband have fair complexion and myself fair. That’s why we worry how she look like dark . any remedy to improve the color of the baby

Thanks for your query All babies when they are born are fair and pink because they have no environmental exposure before birh.FIrst few days after birth they develop some red rashes in response to heat and cold.Baby's skin is very soft and sensitve so it reacts to clothes and linen baby wears.Thus baby's clothes should be soft and according to weather,for example they should be made of soft cotton during summers and humid climates.The dark colour your baby has acquired is her skin's response to ...

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Hi I'm Emmanuel from India, I'm actually a white but due taking wrong medicines and creams going to the wrong Doctors My Skin has become dark, I'm looking for some thing which can restore my skin complexion.

Hi, You have a fair complexion as i saw on your face book photos, a lot of it depends what medicine did you have which changed your skin color because it might be some kind of allergy. Which drug caused allergy ? How fast did it happen ? Do you have any other symptom except for skin darkening Does it appear at more than one place and at what are the places If you have any kind of allergy then calamine lotion might be of help but it is difficult to comment without looking at at spots or may be w ...

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Hi, My face has a two-three darker tone than rest of the body. Even i go for facial every two weeks ..use sunscreens everything. I dont go out in sun also. Please help me what can i do to make my neck and face same colour tone.

Hi again, Oxybleach is a skin bleach like may others available in the market. I do not recommend any of these for skin lightening purposes since they cause more harm than good in the long run. Regards ...

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