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is cystone better or pathrina for flushing out a 7 mm Renal stone

Hi, Renal stone of 7 mm size is a considerably big sized stone and may not disintegrate easily. Cystone and Pathrina are really two very different drugs. None of them is an allopathic drug rather both are ayurvedic drugs. Neeri is helpful for dissolving stones and it has some effects similar to pathrina and some of the mechanism of actions are also same. At present i don't think you need pathrina while you are already taking three drugs. For helping you out further i would recommend you to tak ...

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Respected Dr. The following are the brief details of my case for your kind consideration:- 1. History of High Myopia since the age of 12 years. 2. Suffered Retina Detachment in the right eye at the age of 25 years and was operated upon at Shankar Netralaya, Chennai but with little gain of vision. 3. Continued with the help of contact lens in the left eye and almost stable number for the next 11 years. 4. Sudden appearance of rainbow like colours in the Left eye and the case was diagnosed as Advanced Optic Nerve Atrophy & Retinal Degeneration at PGI, Chandigarh & I was told that the condition is irreversible with no cure or medication. 5. I was put on eye drop medication with Dorzox, Combigan , Alphagen & am continuing with the same. 6. I was advised IOL transplant in the left eye and underwent surgery for the same at Grewal Eye Institute, Chandigarh. 7. During the last 4 ½ years i.e. since the problem was diagnosed, I have underwent regular treatment under Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurvedic & Homeopathy medicines but with no relief and the deterioration in the field of vision and also its aquity has continued. 8. The latest checkup has shown that even the remaining macular vision in the Left Eye also shows signs of further degeneration. Kindly suggest some remedy for my sister's ailment. Pravin Misra

The condition is called Pathological Myopia and she is having all the complications of this condition. only thing a doctor can do is to treat and try to prevent from the further detoriation and treat the complications of the condition.You can only do is regular follow up to the doctor. There is no curative treatment of this condition. ...

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I have done ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis and the report i got is LIVER,GALL BLADDER, PANCREAS, SPLEEN and UNRIARY BLADDR is normal. But KIDNEY : Right kidney : 70*32mm Left kidney : 79*35mm Both kidneys are decreased in size. Renal parenchymal echo texture increased in bilateral kidneys. Cortical indentations noted in bilateral kidneys. No calculi or hydronephrosis in either kidney. PROSTATE :: Size : 37*30*35mm (Volume-20 cc) Increased in size. Median lobe of prostate is enlarged. Can u tell me is it very serious now or in future ?

Hi, Yes the report shows that your kidney size is reduced significantly and you need to get many tests before i can make any comment although rest all other things mentioned in the ultrasound are normal. But you will have to get your urine report like urine routine and microcscopy,kidney function test,glomerular filtration rate. Then depending on these test reports we will have to see whether they are enough or we might have to investigate you more. This might be ok or might have to be investi ...

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I was diagnose having Bilateral chronic renal parenchymal Disease Grade 1. How this diseae can be treated?

That is a radiological finding. Usually seen as a part of some acute medical illnesses. get your renal functions checked. ...

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I am experiencing right flank pain upon waking. Pain is localized, sharp, stabbing and has increased in intensity over a 10 day period. Pain is relieved once I am able to stand and move about, but will return any time I am in a supine position. I had a CT today that ruled out kidney stones. I had a liver transplant in 2010 due to NASH, and have done well.

Hi harrisonj, Flank pain may be mechanical which should be reduced with painkiller and muscle relaxant. But, as you have a previous history of liver transplant, it should be treated with caution. I suggest you to visit a physician for proper evaluation. Thanks ...

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is paneer (cottage Chesse ) is good for a) Diabetics b) reducing thyroid c) renal failure

i do not know the reason behind consuming soaked lady fingers and why you are taking it, soaked methi is beneficial for diabetics karela juice can also be consumed raw garlic i assume you are taking as an anti-hypertensive and can be continued 4 badam and 2 walnuts can be consumed daily For a diabetic 5-6 small but frequent meals is advised, which inclused 3 major and 2-3 minor meals. For a diabetic, there should not be a gap for more than 2-21/2 hours between two meals, to avoid hypoglycemia (l ...

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I m 33 year old and recently came to know thay my creatinine level is was 3 and urea was 40. I m physically fine and non diabetic,non hypertensive and never taken any nephrotoxic drugs. But 12 year back a renal calculus found at right kidney and was operated..from then i was fit and recently when i went for a routine checkup found this abnormality. In allopathy there is no treatment to reduce creatinine.. is there any hope in homeopathy?? Nephrologist suggest not to take any ayurvedic/homeopathy medicine,is it right? What should i do?

Hello Deepak, Serum Creatinine levels are suggestive of filtration capacity of kidneys. Usually it increases with Hypertension. But as per your history it seems Idiopathic - means without cause. Step 1 - do not panic. Verify the report from two more good laboratories. (usually routine health check up is not reliable as compare to private MD pathologists) Step 2 - if still it is coming higher side, consult any good homeopathic or ayurvedik physician. We have good results. This is limitation of a ...

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