can I use montelukast in chron
  can I use montelukast in chron

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can I use montelukast in chronic renal failure?

PAST HISTORY : a patient having creatinine 4.1 mg/dl, CKD. Can I use montelulast?

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is cystone better or pathrina for flushing out a 7 mm Renal stone

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Renal stone of 7 mm size is a considerably big sized stone and may not disintegrate easily. Cystone and Pathrina are really two very different drugs. None of them is an allopathic drug rather both are ayurvedic drugs. Neeri is helpful for dissolving stones and it has some effects similar to pathrina and some of the mechanism of actions are also same. At present i don't think you need pathrina while you are already taking three drugs. For helping you out further i would recommend you to tak ...
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homeopathic tratment to reduce creatinine level

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stenosis on which side? ...
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provide me proper treatment to reduce my blood urea and creatinine

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, The only thing you have told me is that you have raised urea and creatinine and levels which are alarming for your age and you also told that you are a diabetic taking insulin. There are a number of causes of raised urea and creatinine (but since you told me just about your diabetic status so I have no other option except to take it that you are having renal failure due to diabetes) Rest try and follow following things to manage cardiovascular disease risk factors such as: 1. Avoid smok ...
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Hi, The indications of dialysis usually are divided in 3 points system 1)Fluid overload which can not be managed by drugs 2) Hyperkalemia or electrolyte abnormalities which can't be treated by drugs 3) Severe acidosis which can't be treated by drugs Last year during a conference I attended they updated with levels of urea(>200),and creatinine (>7) should be considered as an indication for dialysis,this is proposed but not confirmed as of now. All the above are for chronic kidney disease,ther ...
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I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. Sometime get erection lot of time failure.

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Hi, I am sorry i just can't prescribe you medicines without knowing about your cardiac function and would also suggest you the same that you should not just take medicines without asking anybody.This medicine has serious side effects and can't be prescribed without examining you. ...
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