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My father aged 78 years is stroke patient for last 5 years. Presently he is on catheter(Urology). Presently i feel because of this catheter he has contracted infection. I am giving him CIPLOX-500 MG for past one day. I hope the infection subsides.If any other medicine(available in India) or care i can take so that he does not get infection.

Indwelling catheter is a risk factor for UTI. But better to get urine culture and sensitivity before starting on antibiotics. As you had already started on antibiotics continue it for a total duration of 7 days, repeat urine for pus cells & if it is decreased then it is fine. otherwise need to check cultures 48 hours after stopping antibiotics ...

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Sir during month from december to may i suffered from cough. But after curing from this there is throad conjestion like redness or swelling in throat and consulted ent gone throuh endo throat swab,ct scan all clear now redness is cured but not there is like phelgum in throat all the time it remain blocked how to cure from this

Is there wheezing in your chest? If so take bronchodilator after consulting your doctor.If you have a feeling of a lump in throat,Start taking pentaprazole with domperidone twice a day on empty stomach. Probably you have acid reflux problem. ...

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Dr. Kamlesh Patel

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