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is cystone better or pathrina for flushing out a 7 mm Renal stone

Hi, Renal stone of 7 mm size is a considerably big sized stone and may not disintegrate easily. Cystone and Pathrina are really two very different drugs. None of them is an allopathic drug rather both are ayurvedic drugs. Neeri is helpful for dissolving stones and it has some effects similar to pathrina and some of the mechanism of actions are also same. At present i don't think you need pathrina while you are already taking three drugs. For helping you out further i would recommend you to tak ...

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Kill-Kilo (an extract from a konjac root in Japan) is being heavily promoted by a Dr Shinto of Natural Choice, Ville Amphrey, St Martins GY4 6DT. Part of the claim is that it has been used by geishas to keep slim. A typical claim is that someone lost over 3 stone with no effort, no diet and only in 4 weeks(!) Also "lose up to 1 stone in 1 week". Is this a SCAM or is it genuine? If the latter, are there any side effects or interference with any medications?

Hi, Kill kilo diet pills are basically fat burners with unknown composition/ingredient and have been advertised quite a lot. There has not been any drug trials to test these kind of pills or its interaction with other drugs. These are not approved by FDA and more on this can only be trusted if told by people who have tried it. The way to go about weight loss is to talk to a nutritionist and following the plan as told. Also, physical exercises are important. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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hi my mother in law is 48 years old she is suffering from stone size of 9.5mm gallbladder stone,here ultra sound scan reports says hypoplastic kidney,please tell me is a dangerous situation,tell me within in how many days.We should address this issue????

Hi, 9.5 mm gall stone it's a pretty big gall stone. The indications for removing stone are - any stone size which are causing distressing symptoms to patient or any single stone which is more than 1cm or 10 mm. and your mother in laws' gall stone is nearing the same size. You did not tell whether she is having any symptoms or not. If yes then she should be operated at first hand whenever you have time else you can wait for a few days also. Gall stones are usually not an emergency as the pai ...

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I have done ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis and the report i got is LIVER,GALL BLADDER, PANCREAS, SPLEEN and UNRIARY BLADDR is normal. But KIDNEY : Right kidney : 70*32mm Left kidney : 79*35mm Both kidneys are decreased in size. Renal parenchymal echo texture increased in bilateral kidneys. Cortical indentations noted in bilateral kidneys. No calculi or hydronephrosis in either kidney. PROSTATE :: Size : 37*30*35mm (Volume-20 cc) Increased in size. Median lobe of prostate is enlarged. Can u tell me is it very serious now or in future ?

Hi, Yes the report shows that your kidney size is reduced significantly and you need to get many tests before i can make any comment although rest all other things mentioned in the ultrasound are normal. But you will have to get your urine report like urine routine and microcscopy,kidney function test,glomerular filtration rate. Then depending on these test reports we will have to see whether they are enough or we might have to investigate you more. This might be ok or might have to be investi ...

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since my platelet count was 20000 in the year 2007 and had kidney stone problems iam worried if this report is connected to those problems.i did this test bcz i was getting frequent blood clots which was seen in the skin.

Hi, If you are having easy skin rashes then you should visit a docor because he might change your drug for epilepsy as easy skin brusing can be a side effect of carbamazepine. The tests which you should get done are aptt,pt,platelet,bleeding time,clotting time. Rest also ...

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I was diagnose having Bilateral chronic renal parenchymal Disease Grade 1. How this diseae can be treated?

That is a radiological finding. Usually seen as a part of some acute medical illnesses. get your renal functions checked. ...

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Sir I am suffering from Kidney stones from last 7 years and recently i have passed a stone in urine after that i m suffring from urine infection (Pus cell=15-20) , S.G.P.T =52iu/I and S.Cholesterol=240 ,L.DL .Cholesterol = 158 mg/dl please advice me what should i do to resolve the my health issues, Regards Gaurav **********

Urinary infection may be caused by kidney stone. Check your serum levels of calcium, phosphorus & uric acid. Better to get Urine culture and sensitivity done before starting on antibiotics. Take plenty of oral fluids. Check your thyroid status before considering any treatment for dyslipidemia. ...

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Sir I am suffering from Kidney stones from last 7 years and recently i have passed a stone in urine after that i m suffring from urine infection (Pus cell=15-20) , S.G.P.T =52iu/I and S.Cholesterol=240 ,L.DL .Cholesterol = 158 mg/dl please advice me what should i do to resolve the my health issues, Regards Gaurav 8146537052

You have to take treatment for Urinary tract infection as it is common after the passage of stone from the urethra. So one issue of yours regarding the pus cells in urine is resolved. As far as increase in cholesterol and increase in SGPT is concerned this all relates to the irregular life style of today's world. just start walking 3-5 km a day and all this will go off. if this fails to improve your condition then you will need to go for medicines. ...

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