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A patient has blood sugar level of 103 in fasting and 190 in post prandial , is it okey if I extract her tooth or do I postpon the treatment till both the values are normal?

you are asking this question as a dentist i guess although it shows here that the question is asked by a patient 59 yr old female... if you can monitor the blood glucose level under control and also check for any signs of excessive bleeding post extraction, it can be done ...

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I am looking for Expert to discuss about Acromegaly & Pituitary Adenoma post surgery case in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai

Hi, You can review your reports with an endocrinologist,however it is usually operated by a neurosugeon. I am sure that there are many endocrinologist in all the cities you mentioned. In delhi there are so many government and private super-speciality hospitals Government hospital - AIIMS, RML , Safdarjung Private hospitals- Apollo,Max,Fortis,Medanta , Ganga Ram)and many more. You will have to provide me with a lot of details about the size of the tumor, previous surgery (name of the surgery) ...

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Is syringoma a contraindication for cataract surgery. wil it cause any post operative complicaions

Syringomas are harmless sweat duct tumors, typically found clustered on eyelids . They are not a contraindications for cataract surgery . No they won't cause any post operative complications ...

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I need a rehabilitation for my son, who is 29 yrs old, from this chewing habit

Hi, Yes he can be treated with that habit but the first and foremost is that he should have a will power of his own for that. If he wants to quit the habit and if he does not have that will power then he may attend some counselling sessions by a psychiatrist or he should have a look at the following questions and try to answer them when he is alone 1. Why I am wasting money for some material. 2. What does chewing gives me except for oral cancer 3. we are paying money for making our self sick a ...

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I am suffering from varicocele since 4 years.It aggravated initially in my opinion due to weight lifting.After taking medicines it never went away and i had a surgery after 2 years.the pain was not entirely gone but started aggravating in 2 months post surgery.Since then i have tried homeopathy and i have tried changing my food habits by reducing my non veg drastically but of no avail.I am really sick of this pain.It aggravates after i exercise, after urination and bowel movements, and it pains in the morning after i get up.I want some ayurveda treatment for this condition.

Hi, I think you should get it checked with a surgeon if the surgery was successful and if you have not developed any complication or may be some other problem may be in the same or other testis then there should be no pain due the same varicocele. Otherwise also varicocele is an emergency and should be consulted immediately and you should not waste time to consult a general surgeon. I am not sure over ayurvedic drugs and can prescribe you only allopathic treatment. Avoid doing heavy excercise. ...

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My son is 2 yrs old and having severe problem of constipation. It looks like there are bruises in his anus due to hard stool. His diet includes one bottle of milk early in the morning, then Indian bread soaked with milk, then cooked pulses water , then rice with butter in the afternoon, again bottle of milk in the afternoon post lunch(nap time), roasted grams or sprouts along with egg or rawa. Indain bread soaked in milk at dinner and bottle of milk at bed time. Its been observed that he doesn't chew properly and pulses and grams are seen in his stool. He cries a lot while passing stool and now he is scared to pass the stool. pls suggest..

Hi, Which milk do you give him because he is having plenty of milk and many times a child is not able to digest milk specially cow milk causes a lot of constipation,main thing will still remain to change his diet if he is not suffering from any medical illness. Is he having fever once in a while or maybe he is loosing weight. Diet. To soften the stools and make them easier to pass, increase the amount of fluid and fiber your child gets each day. High-fiber foods include fruits and fruit juices ...

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I am a Post Operative ITP Patient after Spleenactomy. Tab. Gemer 1 did not suit. Can I be given Gluconom SR 500 for blood sugar control.?

Hi, You were originally also taking metformin along with a combination of glimepiride,although glimiperide can decrease platelet count but in rare cases. Metformin is a safe drug and should not be of any problem to you,the only thing that will have to be noticed is that because you were originally taking two drugs so will a single drug be able to control your sugar or not that will have to be noticed and your blood sugar might be repeated for monitoring the efficacy of the drug. Just for being ...

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