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Is Zerodol-MR safe while taken in pregnancy? I may be pregnant right now. I am having muscle pain in arm and side neck.

Hi!! Tab zerodol mr has aceclofenac and tizanidine which are not safe in pregnancy.All non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs should be avoided in pregnancy.In case of severe muscle spasm take plain crocin 500/650 mg strength and you can apply topical applications of diclofenac only in case of sever pain,but best if avoidable. For sore throat,novaclox tablet is safe in pregnancy. ...

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Sir I have some uneasyness on my left part of head and I have little pain on my left temple . I have already cervical spintolysis and whatay be the reason for uneasyness on left side. My left part of my neck also paining.

Hi, The common causes of unilateral headache are migraine,cluster headache, tension,trigeminal neuralgia,and temporal arteritis. However these headaches are more common in females but can also be seen in a male,cervical spondylitis itself can lead to headache unilaterally if you have strained your neck. Headache of migraine usually last for 24 hours You can also check for your eyesight if its been a while,do you have pain around eyes Do you have any medical illness? Do you have migraine? Are yo ...

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i am having a back pain ... chest pain ... finger .. leg ... pain frm past 3months ... i took menabol tablet of seroid 2mg for 5months /... thrice a day ...... and boldino 200mg .... 10ml i took ... a week 1nd half ml ... i got a fever ... from that day the pain hasnt gone .. ... i m sufferring severly ... plz help me

Hi, You have been prescribed with steroids and I am not sure why because you have not given any such history which suggests why you should be prescribed with steroid. Steroids are used for treating delayed puberty; some types of impotence; wasting of the body due to such conditions as HIV; some types of anemia; osteoporosis (brittle bones in menopausal women) and for itching caused by a liver condition called primary bilary obstruction. Do you have any such history,are you married,do you have ...

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suffering from pain in neck, pain propagates from neck to shoulder joint. Please provide the solution to resolve this dam pain.

Hi, This can be due to wrong posture while working or it can be a normal physiological degenerative process. X-rays will help in definite diagnosis.Consult your orthopaedic surgeon.Feel free to ask any questions. ...

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sir, my father has swelling in his neck.He has problem in swallow and he has pain also. some doctor says it s thyroid problem and some say dat he has lumps in his neck.Due to pain he has fever frm a week. sir is it d symptom of any fatal disease.

Number of tests, x rays, etc and patient's general health evaluation with clinical findings will pinpoint the cause to your father's swelling leading to diagnoses and finally treatment. The symptoms stated by you is common in Hodgkin's disease. Visit a hospital for evaluation immediately ...

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