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Currently I am feeling like very weak and headache, mouth is smelling and unable to eat anything and nose is dry and also teeth are paining. Can you please let me know , what could be the problem, it is a flu like symptom..?

This is due to viral fever ,sinusitis . Maintain fluid intake ,have healthy and fresh food,take rest ,have fruits and vegetables and light food . Get your check up done to near physicians and dentist.. ...

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For my sister in the age of 14, few steroids injected to suppress the growth of an abscess which was grown due to herpes viral infection in the upper lip below nose. The abscess growth stopped and we satisfied about the medication. Now she is 30, but her personnel body growth is getting reduced day by day. She is around 40 kg now. We have a doubt, is there any side effect happened because of the steroid injected.

Hi, Steroids given by systemic route play a role in body stunting,but once the full body size is achieved or height is achieved,then body stunting doesn't occur and steroid leads to increase in weight gain and does not reduce weight. So if her personal body growth is reducing now after gaining full weight and height, the cause should not be steroid taken at that tender age,and she should have a detailed examination and investigation to find out the cause of the disease. Feel free to ask more ...

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can dental abscesses swell into your nose?

Dental abscess leading into a more severe infection like cellulitis can generalized swelling. ...

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My nose is some what broad dats why i want to go for rhinoplasty. i wanna know how effective it is nd wats d approx cost for both open nd closed rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is very effective if done properly. It cost around Rs. **********. Visit my clinic for a personal consultation after taking an appointment. ...

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My boyfriend has a concussion from a ski accident and his nose is stopped up what can he take for that? Afrin? Anything? Please help!

Hi, Call the doctor if any of the following occur: 1) The pain or swelling does not go away in 3 days. 2) The nose looks crooked. 3) Breathing through the nose is not possible after the swelling has gone down. 4) A fever develops. 5) Recurring nosebleeds develop. 6) A significant injury that requires medical attention possibly exists. Go to a hospital’s emergency department immediately if the following signs or symptoms are present: 1) Bleeding for more than a few minutes from one or ...

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Is surgery necerrary for me. If I undergo surgery, will my nose go unshaped. Please clarify.

Not happy with the look of your nose? Why not go for rhinoplasty surgery in India. This surgery rapidly reconstructs and aesthetically enhances the nose. As this is a complex procedure, therefore always choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India. Aesthetics Medispa is the right place for you to get a nose job done! ...

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