My nose is some what broad dat
  My nose is some what broad dat

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My nose is some what broad dats why i want to go for rhinoplasty. i wanna know how effective it is nd wats d approx cost for both open nd closed rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty is very effective if done properly. It cost around Rs. **********. Visit my clinic for a personal consultation after taking an appointment.

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I have had wisdom tooth issues for the last few years. For the second time this year I am experiencing a "locking" of the jaw. My two wisdom teeth are laying sideways instead of straight up, and they both have cracked and broken exposing the nerve. I can barely open my mouth more than an inch, can't fit a fork in there, can't yawn. It hurts. I do not have dental insurance and want to know if I go to the ER can they at least give me an antibiotic or something to alleviate the pain. It is the weekend, and Tuesday is Christmas so my primary care doctor is closed.

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hello, sorry to know about your condition go get an OPG done for emergency pain relieve get an antibiotic injection,pain killer injection like Dynapar AQ &HAVE SOME TAB OF MUSCLE RELAXANT LIKE Mobiwok plus you have to get them remover asap. ...
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what is the cost of rhinoplasty? does it cure dust allergy as well? does it cause any side effects after one or some years?

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No two noses are the same. Hence, the exact cost of a nose reshaping surgery depends on the intricacy and complexity of the procedure as well as the Rhinoplasty surgeons India you choose for the job. In general, the price will include cost of anesthesia, the fees of the surgeon, hospital charges and also the years of experience and expertise of surgeon performing the job. If you want to know details information of nose surgery cost then visit at our health care centre Aesthetics Medispa in pune ...
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Sir, Im a male of 28 yrs. Weight is 50 only even my hight is 6.30. It looks very very thin and Old. I wanna gain weight and wanna be healthy, so is there any advise for me to gain weight and health.

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Antidepressant, haematinic syrup,multivitamin,protein supplements and anti-allergens should be taken only if prescribed by your doctor. ...
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Hi, I am really stressed and don't want to self diagnos and go crazy, but I have had this (pimple, ulcer, follicule infection or chancre on the side of the shaft of my penis. I don't know which one it is. I don't have medical but I am signing up on Tuesday for state medical..... The story is it appear maybe a week after a day and a half masterbation marathon I am embarrassed to say I had. It started as just a burning sensation on the side like I ripped the skin which I have done before. So I just didnt touch it. That was on a Sunday then Monday Xmas I tried to have sex with my lady and I couldn't cause of the pain and burning sensation on the skin. We started and stopped. 3 days after that in the same burning area 1 pimple formed with maybe 2 smaller ones. Very small ones... I I tried to masterbate again and it seemed as if it irritated the area and another one grew. They got to an ok size and where kind of painful. Then they grew and seemed to bust and started to go down. They look some like a chancre or a lesion when it was going down. They itch a little bit I guess that's from healing but I am freaked out. I had unprotected sex with another woman maybe a month before the night I began the marathon. I have pics please help.

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Hi, You might either be having STD or you might have ripped of your skin ,which might have also caused an ulcer. 1. Are you having any pain during micturition ? 2. Are you having any burning sensation during micturition ? 3. Are the ulceration rigid ? 4. Are there any glands on penile area ? 5. Any kind of secretion from ulcer or any kind of discharge ? If it is an STD then it can only be diagnosed by a scraping or specimen of discharge Please kindly describe the kind of ulcer(whether it is ...
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I had laparascopic surgery for endometriosis over 3 years ago. What I thought was two black dots from old stitches in my belly button, turned out to be both scabs. I can squeeze a good amt of pus out of each hole. I haven't been able to get pregnant since the surgery. Could my abdomen be infected or is just the belly button. The holes never closed.

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Hi, You should get in touch with your obg/gyn and you should be able to conceive,as you have not mentioned about any reason which says that you will not be able to conceive. ...
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