can dental abscesses swell int
  can dental abscesses swell int

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can dental abscesses swell into your nose?

3 Answers

Yes and no. If there is an intra oral fistula then Yes or the common reason is nasal polyps

Dental abscess leading into a more severe infection like cellulitis can generalized swelling.

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I am a mother of a young child aged 5years who is having a discomfort in one of his teeth and also a noticeable swelling on his gum and a small amount of yellow discharge occasionally from it. He also seems to have a couple of tooth decays. What can be done at this tender age, and what can I expect from the dental treatment.

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Hello there, firstly I would like to mention here is that there is no age limit in medical science as far as any of the treatments is concerned. Children like any grown adult need their teeth for the purpose of eating food, talking (speech), muscles support, esthetics & overall growth of the jaw. What I can understand from your query is that your child’s tooth infection has spreaded beyond the tooth structure and is having a periapical /periodontal abscess which has resulted in a swelling ...
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I plan to wisdom tooth and dental implant at the same time in about a week. I'm taking Metoprolol SUCC - 25mg/day and Warfarin Sodium ~ 4mg/day. My cardiologist advises me to stop Warfarin three days before the procedures. What about Metoprolol SUCC?

  Doctor's Answer

Hello Continue Metoprolol ...
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I have constant Halitosis, i have met dentist two weeks ago, they said that no problem in dental. so they suggested me to meet gastrology. The Gastrologist said that there is no treatment for Halitosis. So please help on the same as i have facing this problem almost 15 years.

  Doctor's Answer

Drink lot of water, eat less spicy food and keep your tongue clean as maximum amount of bacteria are harboured on tongue ...
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I have had wisdom tooth issues for the last few years. For the second time this year I am experiencing a "locking" of the jaw. My two wisdom teeth are laying sideways instead of straight up, and they both have cracked and broken exposing the nerve. I can barely open my mouth more than an inch, can't fit a fork in there, can't yawn. It hurts. I do not have dental insurance and want to know if I go to the ER can they at least give me an antibiotic or something to alleviate the pain. It is the weekend, and Tuesday is Christmas so my primary care doctor is closed.

  Doctor's Answer

hello, sorry to know about your condition go get an OPG done for emergency pain relieve get an antibiotic injection,pain killer injection like Dynapar AQ &HAVE SOME TAB OF MUSCLE RELAXANT LIKE Mobiwok plus you have to get them remover asap. ...
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thier is any problems with taking ambezim-g in a dental case with 6month pregnant female??

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avoid in pregnancy,consult your gynacologist ...
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