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Hi I have a spongy whit lump growing on my gum next to my wisdom tooth up the top and is the size of a malteaser can you help?

it must be a fibroma due to a malaligned wisdom tooth.plz vizit a dentist as soon as may require extraction of wisdom tooth if necessary. ...

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I have what I thought was a bruise falring up a bit on my right chin / jaw line. I could feel the bump but could not remember being hit to cause such a decent size lump. My children often kick and hit me in the face in play. But to get this size lump would have been memorable unless at 39 my body now can't handle even a gentle bump. But it seems to now be getting slightly worse and is begining to feel numb and slightly itchy. I have a very mild middle bottom tooth infection. I thought if my gland was up it would be a lower / under my chin swelling which it is not under the chin but on and if anything above. I am visably looking like fred flintstone actor's chin on one side / elephant man slightly.

Hi, If your swelling is on the same side as the tooth ache, it could be because of the existing tooth infection. To determine if the cause is the tooth or not, you need to visit a dentist and get a complete oral examination done specifically focusing on that particular side of the jaw. Preferably, get an x ray to see the tooth also. It could be a tooth infection leading into a space infection. Other reasons could be - cysts, trauma, bacterial infection like actinomycosis, abscess etc. This ca ...

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I've been noticing a lump on my upper left thigh. It started out small and red but grew over time. The red part is about the size of a dime now. But if I feel around the lump is feels like it has expanded underneath the skin. It's very hard. I thought it was an ingrown hair, so today I squeezed it. And small amount of blood came out but no hair. Now it looks darker red/purple.

Hi, There can be many causes for an underneath thigh swelling 1. It could be an abscess,cellulitis 2. it could be osteomyeletis 3. It can be haematoma Do you have any bleeding tendency ? Is the temperature raised,and do you have fever ? Did you have any injury or trauma ?(even if not then to go for an x-ray because in most cases the trauma is to trivial) Are you a diabetic ? Do you see any kind of veins all over your legs ? Have you noticed any kind of pus ?(because it could simply indicate ...

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what does it mean to have a lump on your gums that comes and goes and has puss and blood inside?

Dear Patient, Most probably Periodontitis due to infected tooth on that site resulting in a cyst which should be probe further. Cysts are treated with Root Canal Therapy of the Infected tooth with excision of the Cyst. The procedure is called Apicectomy. The lump can be due to furcation involvement in molars. ...

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I have a lump under my left nipple. Blood and pus come out of the nipple. It hurts.

Hi, A blood discharge from your nipple can never be normal. However pus might be due to simple infection or it may be something else and you might be confusing it. The cause of bloody discharge might - Breast Cancer - Duct pappiloma - Fibrocystic disease of breast and the orange appearance you described me is a typical appearance itself of a cancer,so i would recommend you to just confirm your pathological reports twice from different labs and might take 2 different opinion from 2 doctors ...

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I have a lump next to the crease of the elbow that is sore. Even my skin is tender.

Hi, The lump you described to me might be either a gaglion cyst or a synovial cyst and both have a very common presentation. They might be red tender lump which might have occurred due to arthritis or due to some repeated trauma. You might have a pain killer like acetaminophen, ibuprofen which might help you. Also you can apply ice packs which help reducing it. Next if these steps don't help you then steroid injections might be helpful to you to reduce pain and at times they even resolve by i ...

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Primarily an Oral or Dental Question, The Day before last I developed a small fleshy lump and/or protrusion on the upper, left side of my mouth, on the cheek almost where it meets my teeth/gums. While not particularly painful, it has an sensitive feeling and makes my jaw ache a little. Any ideas or suggestions would help.

hello sir, thanks for your query the fleshy lump is due to your cheek bite. treatment option: 1.go to a nearby dentist and undergo enemeloplasty(mild grinding of teeth). 2.apply Benzocaine(tropical anesthesia ) ointment on the lump 15 min before food it will releive you from pain and sensation. thank you Dr.Rahul Banerjee ...

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