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I wish to know the relation between synus bradycardia and cervical spondylosis.......

Hi, Cervical spondylosis are degenerative changes in your cervical vertebra,And if your sympathetic chain is involved in the area of the cervical region or thoracic region which passes very near to the vertebra then bradycardia can be caused.(sympathetic chain is responsible for excitation) sympathetic chain consists of bundle of nerves which produces excitation,however bradycardia might be due to other cause also it is not necessary that if you have cervical spondylosis then you have bradycard ...

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Hai sir, my father is suffering from lumbar spondylitis (L4,L5)since 3 years and we are planning now for a endoscopic spinal surgery .as we seen your show in tv so can you please give the cost of operation so that we will consult according to that .thank you sir

Hello, Mr Naveen, i would suggest you to consult a Physiotherapist for conservative treatment before Heading towards surgical correction. It may be helpful to recover the symptoms of pain . regards ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

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