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I am a 32 years female with a severe tooth ache in my jaw which increases in the night. I know there seems to be a cavity in one of my tooth. What exactly needs to be done for me to get relief from my pain & what will the whole procedure be like ?? Thanks

Hello , The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to consult a good dentist, perhaps in the your near vicinity. You must have regular checkups every six months for prevention of such problems later on, this is an international protocol followed everywhere. Next, what I do get from your symptoms is that you have something’s known as a nerve exposure of a particular tooth (or sometimes set of teeth). The only treatment left to save teeth like these is Root Canal Treatment. Now i ...

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I am a 24 year old female from Bangalore. Me and my partner have been trying to have intercourse for the past 6 months. But I always feel intense pain and we have to withdraw. At first, it was impossible to even insert a finger inside my vagina. But now that’s possible, but I feel a burning sensation everytime my partner inserts his finger. So we have not been able to proceed. Please advise on what can be done and a doctor I can meet in Bangalore.

Hi, Women take time to get aroused and the pain is more on inserting a finger in vagina intially, because your vagina is dry (because of lack lubrication beacause of lack of secreations). You should take time to involve in fore play first,so that you get a little wet or aroused before you can actually involve in sex. You can also use a lubricated condom which might help you on having sex intially. Most females feel pain because of inflamation,infection of genital or urinarytract(which is very ...

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hi i have a female friend , she used to to smoke Hookah tobacco for 3 months then suddenly she stopped smoking , now she feels heart pain (heart beats faster ), chest pain (hard to breath and some timed coughs blood ) and back pain when she went to the hospital the doctor said you must stop smoking hookah gradually not stop suddenly so what do u recommend and is it true that this is the only solution for this problem ? or is there some kind of pills or medical solution? i don't her to smoke again cause if she tries again she may be addicted again to hookah tobacco so please i want a better solution then this solution

Hi, Since you have not told me about the age of the patient ,with only history available that she was a smoker,following might be the causes - - Bronchitis - Brochiectasis - Lung carcinoma - Pneumonia For all of these you will have to leave smoking.You may quit smoking suddenly but doctors at might not recommend it because this might suddenly lead to dropping of hormone levels in blood which might cause depression. For knowing about the exact cause about the disease, I will have to know ...

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Hi, I am 23 Year female. I had DNC last year in 5th month of pregnancy. I had pus cells in the first month, used anti -biotics at that time. Now, i have been confirmed pregnancy. Again i have 1-2 PUS CELLS, & ESR is HIGH. I am having dry cough also now. What could be the reason? Is it due to infections transmitted in sex with my husband? How should i take medication?

Hi!! 1-2 pus cells in urine is no cause for concern as if it is more than 10 pus cells/high power field,it is of consequence. Esr high can be due to the cough that you are having.ESR is a very non specific indicator of infection in the body and can be raised even in normal pregnancy No need for antibiotics for the dry cough,you can take lozenges uptil 2 a day or antihistaminics like avil, which is safe in pregnancy,if the cough is irritating to the extent that it is disturbing your sleep or othe ...

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Am 21yrs old female.. I had lasik surgery (myopia) two months ago, still my vision not perfect.. Not able to see longer. If i put my drops vision will clear for a minute, again back to unclear.

Hi, What did your doctor say about your result? You could read upto which line on vision chart (say 20/20, 6/6). From your description , it seems your eyes are going dry frequently. This is a known side effect of LASIK surgery. However, it is usually not very serious, the condition is likely to improve gradually, may take several weeks. Until then, lubricant eye drops instilled in the eyes on an 'as needed' basis can help. You can also use lubricant gels just before going to bed. ...

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i m 30 yrs old, a female n hving a son of 5yrs. due to my anxiety problem i m taking paxidep cr12.5 and duzela 20 from past 2 years as prescribed by my doctor. i m feeling better after taking them , i hve tried to leave them a many times but the moment i leave it takes me to my previous condition. my husband n my parents always ask me to leave it as it will effect my health as i so young. but i m worried tht by doing so it might not worsen my condition, can you guide me regarding it. is there any treatment in homeopathic or ayurvedic?

For anexity depression there r very good and safe medicines but u have to take these for long term bases. Even u can take with allopathy medicines and after 6 months slowly leave ur allopathic medicines and contine ayurvedic medicines even life long. I have very good ayurvedic medicines for ur problem. No side effects. For more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. . ...

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