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My 3 month old son is passing urine only thrice daily. He is my first child . I breastfeed him five times a day but I feel my milk is not adequate for him . He is also not growing well and has gained only 1 Kg since his birth. Please help.

Hello , Thanks for your request. First of all let me tell you that your milk is always adequate for your baby if you feed him regularly. Feed your baby on demand whenever he is hungry and sucks vigorously. Let him suckle for around 15-20 min. so that both his hunger and thirst are taken care of.Also breastfeed him at night, as baby needs milk every 2-3 hrs even while sleeping. It gives him energy to grow and it produces milk for the coming day. So feed him 2-3 times at night and 6-8 times during ...

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I am a mother of a young child aged 5years who is having a discomfort in one of his teeth and also a noticeable swelling on his gum and a small amount of yellow discharge occasionally from it. He also seems to have a couple of tooth decays. What can be done at this tender age, and what can I expect from the dental treatment.

Hello there, firstly I would like to mention here is that there is no age limit in medical science as far as any of the treatments is concerned. Children like any grown adult need their teeth for the purpose of eating food, talking (speech), muscles support, esthetics & overall growth of the jaw. What I can understand from your query is that your child’s tooth infection has spreaded beyond the tooth structure and is having a periapical /periodontal abscess which has resulted in a swelling ...

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My period is extreamly irregular I bleed all month with a day or two with no bleeding which has been happening for a prolactin levels are >700 and of this started straight after I had the depro Vera injection... Could this be its happening or is it just by chance... Can it be fixed because I wish to have another child

Increase in levels of prolactin can be due to thyroid hormone deficiency,drugs like antidepressants,antacids,opiods,hormone problems like polycystic ovarian syndome,intake of estrogens,oral contraceptive pills and tumors of the pituitary gland called prolactinomas. ...

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Hi I have disc bulge at L4, L5 since4 years . I am now working part time at a school . My supervisor requires me to take stairs for taking child from 2nd floor class to basement gym and back. We are not allowed to use lift. Please let me know if it is safe to do ? Since this is a special Ed school we anyway have to do lot of runing about. A

Hi, You are having prolapse of disc at L4-5 level. You should not indulge in heavy physical activity. you should take precautions such as avoid bending forward , jumping , running for long distances , lifting of heavy weights and all other activities which may put strain to your spine.Wear a lumbosacral belt as advised by your orthopaedician. Take muscle relaxants and physiotherapy for your back.Consult your Orthopaedic surgeon for proper evaluation of your spine. Feel free to ask any questi ...

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I am looking for a psychiatrist in Mumbai who specializes in personality disorders

I do not think there are specialists solely for treating personality disorders. All general psychiatrists will be handling these disorders ...

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my baby age is 32 months, she suffers from cold, cough, mucus and vomtings. doctor suggested grilinctus-cd 4ml twice a day. is it ok for my child and u sugest any side effects and how long we can use this medicine

Hi, Whom did you consult ?(any specialist or any body else) because this cough syrup is usually not recomended in children of this age group as thier can be side effects,avoid giving that cough syrup. As such if there is no fast brething or no indrawing of chest then no treatment is required and this might be a viral infection which will go off and you just have to see that he is not getting dehydrted and you can also give him steam inhalation and if she has nasal congestion then you can put ...

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Dr. Opinder Singh Thind

  • Dentist
  •  Noida, India
  •  978 Doc Points

Dr. Ritu Sethi

  • Gynecologist
  •  Gurgaon, India
  •  1041 Doc Points

Dr. Sameer Kad

  • Orthopedist
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  545 Doc Points

Dr. Swati Kad

  • Pediatrician
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  535 Doc Points

Dr. Puneet Madan

  • General Physician
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  1401 Doc Points

Dr. Vivek Nair

  • Dermatologist
  •  Gurgaon, India
  •  809 Doc Points

Dr. Manushree Gupta

  • Psychiatrist
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  480 Doc Points

Dr. Gladson Uchil

  • ENT
  •  Bangalore, India
  •  242 Doc Points

Dr. Sanjay Pandey

  • Homeopathist
  •  Kolkata, India
  •  250 Doc Points

Dr. Samir Nayyar

  • Dentist
  •  Jalandhar, India
  •  119 Doc Points
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