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i have suffer from acidity.i need take antacid 2 per i take ayurvedic treatment.

Hurry worry and curry is the problem for ur gastritis. But u may have h pylori infection also. U Need proper medication counselling diet education yoga for ur problem. I have very good ayurvedic medicines for ur problem. No problem. No side effects. For more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...

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i had problem of acidity, heartburn previously. Visiting GI doctor its now cured but now i have a new problem i.e. Excessive burping/belching and bloating. what should be the reason. GI has given me Trisoliv today.

Hi, It can have plenty of reasons out of which common ones are below 1 smoking 2 alcohol 3 spicy food 4 no phsysical work 5 eating late in night 6 late night schedules So you will have to correct all these steps to control the excessive burping and belching. Excessive burping/belching and bloating is a sign of acidity,although it might be seen in more diseases but commonly seen in acidity. You may have tablet pantoprazole 40 mg one tablet in morning empty stomach and to look for effects. ...

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Name – Biman Das Age – 28 years Indian origin, stays in Bangalore, India. 9th July 2012 - hemoglobin electrophoresis suggestive of Homozygous Hemoglobin E disease Complaint – Weakness since 1year. Hi…. Below are the complete tests I have done two days back….. Blood Urea Nitrogen – 11.00 mg/dl Serum Creatinine – 1 mg/dl Serum Glucose – 94 mg/dl SERUM LIVER FUNCTION TEST Billirubin Total – 1.30 mg/dl Billirubin – direct – 0.30 mg/dl SGOT/AST (P5P, IFCC) – 63.00 IU/ml SGPT/ALT (P5P, IFCC) – 142.00 IU/ml ALP – 74 IU/ml Total protein – 7.80 g/dl Serum Albumin – 4.90 g/dl Serum Globulin – 2.90 g/dl ALB/GLOB Ratio – 1.69 g/dl SERUM TSH (ECLIA) – 6.240 IU/mL COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT WBC – 9300.00 / RBC – 6.15 million/ Hemoglobin – 11.90 g/dl Haemotocrit (PCV) – 37.00 % MCV – 61.00 fL MCH – 19.40 Pg MCHC – 31.30 g/dl Platelet count – 135000.00 / DIFFERENTIAL COUNT Neutrophils – 52 % Lymphocytes – 43 % Monocytes – 3.00 % Eosinophils – 2.00 % ESR – 4.00 /1st hour. PERIPHERAL SMEAR EXAMINATION RBC’s – Show moderate anisopoikilocytosis, are microcytic hypochromic with few eliptocytes, target cells. WBC’s – Leucocytes are normal in total count and distribution Plateletes – Plateletes are reduced. Macroplateletes noted. Impression – Microcytic hypochromic blood picture with thrombocytopenia. (Kindly correlate with serum iron,TIBC, ferritin and Hb variant analysis [To rule out hemoglobinopathy]) OTHER TESTS – Routine Urine analysis – All values are normal ECG – Normal study X-Ray of chest – PA View – Normal Study MY HABBITS – Non veg 3 days a week Beer – 3 days a week( 700ml per day) drinking since 10 years. Smoking – 12 cigarettes per day (Smoking since 10 years). More Anxiety and less physical activities. Last one year I am inside my house, just for half an hour I go outside in the morning. MY HISTORY AND TESTS DONE EARLIER – History of acidity, constipation and digestion. 9th July 2012 - Haemoglobin electrophoresis suggestive of Homozygous Haemoglobin E disease. 16th October 2012 - Ultrasound of liver – Fatty Liver 18th October 2012 – Liver function test – All values are normal 18th October 2012 – Pulmonary test – Normal spirometery 18th October 2012 – Complete Haemoglobin – Haemoglobin 12.5 gm/dl, WBC – normal in number and morphology, RBC – Anicocytosis with microcytic hypochromic erythrocytes, mild polychromasia, elliptocytes and taget cells, platelets- adequate Please let me know is it very serious and also let me know some medicines and diet... Regards Biman Das

Hi, I am not sure,your doctor must have examined you so he can might be telling better,but i belive you should have complet liver tests including pt aptt and coagulation profile and billirubin levels and also repeat the tests you already have. Although yellow eyes can also be due to mddy sclera,some people have muddy sclera. Your tsh is also raised so he might be telling you for some test or may be you could be directly be put on medicines for this. Time taken is different for diffirent person ...

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Acidity problem due to high alcohol content What should i do about this problem . I tried antacid tablets but they are just a temporary relief.Is milk good for acidity ? Should i increase water intake. Can you suggest me if this can be a liver issue ? What test should i opt for ?

apart from medication u need to cut down spicy food, have regularly spaced meals, cold milk is usually good but not tolerated by all as it can increase gas formation. have proper sleep and do a good stress management it will prevent recurrence ...

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I underwent a string of surgeries (ENT) after that i am taking lizolid, meropenum, voraconidazole. im having acidity and constipation with very hard stool inspite of fluid intakes, if i take pantocid then the stomach movement becomes sluggish and this problem worsens. is there a better alternative to pantocid or any other solution also since im taking heavy antibiotics should i take enterogermina ?

Hi, Till the time you are on heavy antibiotics you can take a drug which will help reduce acidity , if pantocid does not suit your need then you can take omeprazole or rabeprazole or even tab ranitidine suits some people . First you should try tab ranitidine 150mg twice daily empty stomach . For constipation high water intake is one , but also you should take high fiber diet like have plenty of salads and fruits like papaya which will help you with your bloating sensation and specially you will ...

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my age 32, I am type 2 diabetic, diagnosed since 4 years but start taking metformin 750 once and valsartan 80 mg once for blood pressure and kidney protection from six months, my sugar level is fasting 120 and after 2hrs of meal 150, please advise best multiviatamin because my stomach is disturbed from my childhood so I can not digest any food or milk easily, have gas ,acidity problem from infant age..

Dear Mr. Wasim, Thanking you for the posting. Going ahead, one thing which you need to do is to get Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) done along with the HbA1c levels. As looking from your sugar levels and dose of metformin you seem to be well controlled and what we called 'Pre-diabetic'. Also one should note that metformin has GI upset as a side effects. So the dose of Metformin can be tapered down once we have clear understanding from OGTT and HbA1c. Lets first look at this and then once ...

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