i am suffering with periodic m
  i am suffering with periodic m

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i am suffering with periodic mood disorders and panic attacks how to get rid from?

PAST HISTORY : I am having problem of acidity
but from last 2/3 years i am suffering from mood swings

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Unless and untill a detailed history is obtained it is very difficult to give any advise. Even if it is given it may not be completely useful. Only it should not cause any unwanted reactions.

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My father is 78 years old and has been suffering from constipation for the last 2 years. He has also lost a lot of weight around 10 kgs in this time span. In the last couple of months he has been complaining that his abdominal muscles have torn due to bowel straining and now he says there is loss of muscle in his stomach area. Which is why when he lies down everything is fine but when he sits up and walks around he feels like he is carrying a weight in his stomach. After intake of food it becomes worse and he also gets bloating. We have done all possible tests - colonoscopy, CT scan, ultrasound sometime last year and everything was clear. The doctors gave a verdict of idiopathic constipation and left it at that. His blood work is fine, haemoglobin levels, cholestrol etc. He still suffers from constipation. His prostrate is enlarged but results are fine. What is the solution to his stomach muscle problem ? Is it lack of exercise, lack of protein ? He doesnt have a pot belly and has never had and had always been physically active and fairly slender.

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Hi, History told by you favours irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ). There are two alarming signs in your case : Firstly, loss of weight and that to10kg approx. Secondly, sensation of carrying a weight in stomach. Both of them do occurs in IBS. But to be on safer side,I would suggest you to go for colonoscopy again because it was done 1 yr back and symptoms have aggravated few months back. Treatments available for IBS - - Increase the level of physical activity. - Have regular meals and take t ...
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Hello, I have had a nail fungus for a good ten years or so. When I first noticed it, I went to my doctor and he game me lamasil which I stopped taking after a few days since it had negative affects on me. Thereafter, I stopped taking care of it and just let it go for a good 7 or 8 years. I eventually grew up and started getting very self conscious of how it looked and wanted to wear sandals and flip flops and not have people think nasty things about me. A few years ago I went to my doctor again and he gave me a topical oil which I used for over a year and did not see any results. About two years ago, I noticed that a vertical brown line was starting to grow from the bottom up. I went to a dermatologist who took a sample of my nail but did not take a sample of the nail bed or from the cuticle. Biopsy came back as of course it being a fungus. He in turn gave me pills to take which I also had to stop taking since it was having a bad affect on my liver. After that, my dermatologist said that he would give me laser treatments which I did two of. They did not clear it but it looks a little bit better then what it was before. Still thick, yellow, crumbling below the nail, nail bed where new nail is growing is darker then the others and the brown line is still there. It is a thick brown line. How did I get this brown line? Did I get it because of the prolonged damage of the nail bed due to the years of having the nail fungus?

  Doctor's Answer

You're most welcome. Nail Melanoma does not affect multiple nails together while Longitudunal Melanonychia (LM) often does. The fact that an additional nail is showing changes is nearly conclusive that this is LM, which as I said is harmless. However it would be best to see your doctor to get this confirmed since I cannot see the affected area. I would recommend getting the entire nail removed if its the only one affected by fungus, but this will be solely to treat the fungus not because I thin ...
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Hi Puneet, Every time i eat something i have this inflammatory sensation in my throat that's kind of very uncomfortable. I cannot eat spicy food at all these days. Every time i eat junk food like burgers or Pizza or KFC, i end up having problem with my stomach (stomach upset mostly). This problem started since 2010 when i was doing night shifts for my company. There was a time when i did graveyard shift for 3 consecutive weeks. I stopped doing night shifts after i had problems with my stomach. I have a very tough time in finding food of my taste here. I generally prefer salads and bland food. Fruits rich in alkaline level tend to help me a lot. I'm not married yet, so its very difficult for me to find such food everywhere especially at my workplace. I consume alcohol every weekend but next day morning i end up having acidity. So i have to take ENO (fruit salt) to feel better. This has been the case since 3 years now. The only food which suits me is Bland food and fruits (especially the ones rich in alkaline level). I would really appreciate your help with this. Thanks!

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, You can have acinil-o along with pantoprazole but pantop will have better effects than acinil-o. Then in 7th point I told about alcohol and not water. Alcohol also causes acidity,specially empty stomach,so you may have alcohol after having some food. In fact you should have plenty of water which I had missed to tell you. Feel free to ask further question. ...
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i m 17 yrs old girl and i m suffering from acne problem from last 3 yrs . i had used several products to get rid of it but none of them satisfied me my chicks and forhead are just fill with small blackheads and with small pimples plz recommend me wat to do with my this problem.

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Hi, Acne occur cause of excessive oily skin which occur due to hormonal change in your body. Now for treating acnes there are some natural methods 1) Wash your face twice daily with acne soap(containing sulphur) 2) Keep your hair off your face 3) Have multivitamins 4) Have diet rich in vitamin A 5) Avoid make up 6) Never squeeze your black heads 7) Change your pillow cover daily 8) Avoid high glycemic index foods(cheese) Recomended medical treatment 1) Acne lotions(containng benzoyl peroxid ...
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I have to start with my dental treatment .Doctor has told me to start Cefadur 500 twice daily. I get loose motions and acidity very fast with antibiotics.can I thus take Vizylac capsules with that.

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Stop the drug & consult Dr. ...
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