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  I am 24 years old young man an

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I am 24 years old young man and I have been suffering from skin psoriasis for last 15 years, I would like to find out weather there is cure or treatment for this condition in Ayurveda medicine. As we know that according to western concept this is an autoimmune disease and does not have any cure. I would be very grateful if you can put forward your point of view as a Ayurvedic practioner .I will be very keen to have the treatment suggested. many thanks..Manesh

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2 Answers

Doctor answered : 2 years ago


Ayurveda can give excellent treatment in this particular condition. As u already know that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition any treatment that is given has to be taken for a long duration. U need to consult a good ayurvedic practitioner near by who can check on your symptoms and plan appropriate treatment.

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