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I need to have Knee Lubrication Injection as knee replacement surgery seems risky and may be difficult for my weight to carry on after operation. Pls advise. Thanks

Hi I am Dr Alok, Rheumatologist from Delhi yes, you can take injection, but remember, its effect lasting for 3 months to 1 year only, mean while you should do physiotherapy. But if joints are damaged completely, there is no option but to surgery Hope this will help should you have any queries, please donot hesitate ...

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i got sonography test which shows lever size enlarged by 3.3cm. later blood test for LFT showed Sl. No TEST RESULT NORMAL VALUE 01 G.G.T.P. 21.13 IU/L 08-37 IU/L 02 S.BILIRUBIN TOTAL 0.92 mg/dl 0-1.2 mg/dl 03 S.BILIRUBIN DIRECT 0.43 mg/dl 0-0.3 mg/dl 04 S.BILIRUBIN INDIRECT 0.49 mg/dl 0-0.9 mg/dl 05 S.G.O.T. 51.51 U/L 08-40 U/L 06 S.G.P.T. 94.11 U/L 05-35 U/L 07 S.ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 355.1 IU/L 98-279 IU/L test no 3,5,6and 7 are showing increased valuess........any best solution to control them

Hi, Most probably you are suffering from fatty liver changes. Discontinuing drinking alcohol or cutting way back potentially can allow your liver to return to normal but it will take atleast 4 weeks. However , many people who suffer from enlarged liver don't drink too much, and need to look for diet low in what's called high glycaemic index.You should focus your diets around fresh, preferably raw fruits and vegetables, along with home made juices, and to purge your diets of all simple carboh ...

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My husband sperm count came as 0.1 million per ml. 0.3 million as total volume. The motality being 12% and they are showing sluggish progression. This was the first semen analysis and he is just 29. We are ver concerned about the report. Not sure if Ivf may help our case.

Hi, Your husband's total sperm count is less but still we need to calculate the semen volume which will be (sperm count*volume*motility). The normal count is over 20 million and around 10 million is needed to go for an an IVF . The mortality is not very high(in the sense of unable to see you pregnant) However there are many causes for low sperm count which at times can be easily treatable like a strong infection in your body. He might be taking some over the counter drugs specially some antifu ...

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i want law cost knee replacement surgery,all infermation

low cost means low quality implant ,low quality treatment standards.think twice and take a right decision ...

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Please confirm is this possible to 100% secure medication is available in India/Delhi? and also confirm how to days required to 100% cure? Also confirm the total cost of medication if patient having aplastic animia?

Hi, there is nothing 100 % in medical,but yes there is good treatment available in delhi/india for aplastic anemia. However there are a variety of treatment options available 1) Blood transfusion 2) Medicines to stimulate bone marrow like erythropoietin and colony-stimulating factors but these have their own risks 3)Medicine to suppress immune system,Three medicines—often given together—can suppress the body's immune system. They are antithymocyte globulin (ATG), cyclosporine, a ...

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i want to know total expense in retinal detechment surgery

Very Surely !!!! I have given Benifits to Lot Many !!!! ...

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