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i am 35 year old male ,i have a high blood pressure of 146/80, start nebicip 5mg.after 1 year i have started eldervit zc and bizfer(iron tablet) for vitamin deficiency with vitamin d, i am facing erectile suggest cause and remedy.

Hi, Breast pain or nipple pain if no injury and no lump then alcohol is also a common cause for that. Avoid it for a few days. Telma is good and has no side effects. Regarding erectile dysfunction,most of the men at some point feel that they are facing erectile dysfunction,but this is a temporary phase and should go in most people. Just follow all the things I have told you. Have your deficient vitamins,good diet and partner support is very necessary. You may like to have a leave and destress ...

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GERD. It has been on and off since 2008. The condition worsened last month in Jan 2013 and I could hardly swallow any solid food. It just gets stuck in the throat and feel like I am choking till I push the food down with water. Liquids and semi solid foods are ok. The doctors did Nasal Endoscopy, Normal Gastro Endoscopy, Esopheagal Manometry, Barium Swallow X-Ray and all tests came up normal. I was told the swallowing problem is primarily related to GERD and I was advised Cintapro 1 mg tablet for 1 month. So far as I take the tablet, I am able to take in selected solid foods fine, but not all foods. If I do not take this tablet for one day, the problem recurrs back. Question 1: How long will this motility disorder be related to GERD ? Question 2: Are there any side effects of taking this Cintapro 1 mg to help in motility on a long term basis (Say if I need to take this for some more time) Questionj 3: Are there any other tests that will show the proper reason for this motility disorder of the esophaegus (Apart from Esopheagal Manometry, Gastro Endoscopy, Barium Swallow X-Ray) etc.

GERD will persist but the effect can be decreased by life style modification like good brisk walk for 40 mins, avoiding fat, consuming more curd and buttermilk rather than milk and keeping a gap of 2 hrs between food and sleep. Cintpro is by and large relatively safe drug for long term use till now. We need to see the reports of existing tests before we proceed with further tests Stress has significant role in symptoms so please be relaxed. ...

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My wife drunk wine (2 pegs) in the night and morning 9AM she had the Femilon Tablet. She is getting vomitting in the evening at 5PM. Please help me to find out the problem is because of the drunk and tablet mixing?

Hi!! Usually if drinks are taken in the night and tablet is taken in the morning, and if the patient vomits,it is not due to drink and the tablet mixing . Your patient can repeat the dose of femilon if she vomitted after taking the tablet femilon ,within 20 minutes to half an hour of taking the tablet. ...

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Hi. I get pain in back side of head. The pain occurs exactly above the neck(back side) below the skull. It occurs sometimes not often. I dont know why that pain occurs. As i noted it occurs when i read something in a moving vehicle mostly and in another situations sometimes. If i get that pain i cant bear the pain. Then i take this tablet:- SAP-A(Aceclofenac and Paracetamol tablet). After taking this tablet the pain reduces. This tablet was prescribed by a neurologist once when i met him due to this pain. How can i cure this? I'm very much afraid of it. Is it migraine? or is it brain tumour? Pls help me is it curable??

Hi, It just seems that you might have difficulty in convergence , because you have pain while reading in a moving vehicle and have no other complaint. I would advice you to get vision checked from a reliable centre by an opthalmologist and not by an optometrist , if you were previously prescribed a glass then you should wear them regularly. Avoid reading in a moving vehicle , and do the pen convergence excercise multiple times a day. ...

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hello doctors I have brought Killpreg kit it has got 5 tablet 1 mefipristone of 200mg and 4 tablet of misoprostol of 200mg i want know how to use it

Hi, No such precaution need to be taken If you are having pain you can take pain killer , to get relived You just will have to get a ultrasound done once the bleeding finishes off so as to check whether all the products of conception have been removed or not. ...

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what if i accidently consumed 1 tablet of zandu parad tablet.

Anuja Jain It will not cause any major health problems if accidentally consumption of Zandu Parad tablet. ...

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