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i am just 25 years old.My height is 169 cm&weight-72 kgslast 10 days back i checked my bp,it is 150/ lipid profile reports are normal,in ultrasound scanning liver was minute enlarged,i am taking stamlo beta for my hypertension,now can i use ayurveda medicines for hyprtension & liver enlargement.

Hi, Looking at your detail that you gave me, you seem to have a normal BMI (body mass index),and normal cholesterol levels which is a good thing. There can be many people who might have a slight or mildly enlarged liver that only means that you should have a little less on your cholesterol or oil in eating and may be alcohol if you ingest it. You can use ayurvedic drugs for your liver,but I wont say them for hypertension. Now a days many doctors prescribe diuretics as a first line of treatmen ...

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1)My Mother 81 Yr Old. Last 6 months is having high B.sugar (@250 ). 2)Earlier last 15 years she has been taking Stamlo 2.5, Nebistar 5mg, Telesartain, etc. BP/ Palpitation under control. 3) Whenever now she has taken Diabetics tablets - Always associated with loose motion . Diabetic Specialist has tried different diiferent drugs but result is same. 4)Now she is having Rash all over body . Dermatologist consulted . Tablets oinments applied for last 1-year .no improvement. Dermatologist attributing to BP Tablets & Blood sugar.

sugar control is necessary for dermatological infections. RBS of 250 is high. Get her HbA1c test done. at her age ideal goal should be somewhere near 7% -7.5%. some antidiabetic medication like metformin is known to cause gastric discomfort. there are certain other newer options of anti diabetic medicines like DPP4 inhibitors that might help to control sugars. More details of blood & urine reports required to advice further ...

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