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Hello, I have had a nail fungus for a good ten years or so. When I first noticed it, I went to my doctor and he game me lamasil which I stopped taking after a few days since it had negative affects on me. Thereafter, I stopped taking care of it and just let it go for a good 7 or 8 years. I eventually grew up and started getting very self conscious of how it looked and wanted to wear sandals and flip flops and not have people think nasty things about me. A few years ago I went to my doctor again and he gave me a topical oil which I used for over a year and did not see any results. About two years ago, I noticed that a vertical brown line was starting to grow from the bottom up. I went to a dermatologist who took a sample of my nail but did not take a sample of the nail bed or from the cuticle. Biopsy came back as of course it being a fungus. He in turn gave me pills to take which I also had to stop taking since it was having a bad affect on my liver. After that, my dermatologist said that he would give me laser treatments which I did two of. They did not clear it but it looks a little bit better then what it was before. Still thick, yellow, crumbling below the nail, nail bed where new nail is growing is darker then the others and the brown line is still there. It is a thick brown line. How did I get this brown line? Did I get it because of the prolonged damage of the nail bed due to the years of having the nail fungus?

You're most welcome. Nail Melanoma does not affect multiple nails together while Longitudunal Melanonychia (LM) often does. The fact that an additional nail is showing changes is nearly conclusive that this is LM, which as I said is harmless. However it would be best to see your doctor to get this confirmed since I cannot see the affected area. I would recommend getting the entire nail removed if its the only one affected by fungus, but this will be solely to treat the fungus not because I thin ...

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89 year old mother with history of epilepsy, breast cancer, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, atrial fibrillation, anxiety; was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Biopsy results not in yet. Miracle drug out there somewhere?

Hello, Let the reports of biopsy come in, only then various treatment options can be considered. Rather than hoping for miracle, treatment should be considered based on scientific evidence and rationale. ...

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My father had black stools (upon test it had occult blood), they did endoscopy and found an ulcer in lesser curvature. they did sclerotherapy. after couple of days the stools were normal in color. he got discharged. biopsy showed H.pylori and he was given h.pylori kit, orafer xt and cobadex since he had become anemic. after 2 days he fell unconscious, pissed in pants and later passed stools brown again. hospitalized him again. occult blood was present in stools from tests. they did endoscopy and found no bleeding from ulcer where sclerotherpy was done. everything normal in the stomoch and in both duodenum. he is still passing brown stools. donot know why ? please give your opinion.

Hi, Brown coloured usually may be even normal because of a little high billirubin content in stools. But there is also occult blood in stools so the blood must be coming from some place(intestines,stomach,duodenum) and it has been seen by a endoscopy that your oesophagus and stomach and duodenum are normal,now there can be blood from other sites, from lower gastro intestinal tract (colon,rectum). However if the occult blood is less or if it does not come again then you might not worry about it ...

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Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Has bad prognosis.It is a type of cancer which spreads along the nerves. This tumor requires aggressive initial resection. Overall 5-year survival is 35%, and 10-year survival is approximately 20%. ...

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Well doc, i had fever for 18 days with pain on side where the liver is...then came a rash on the lower thigh and the biopsy of that is talking of autoimmune. the doctors have given heavy steroids to get the fever down which finally worked. I want to now consult a doctor who can help...shd i consult an immunologist?

Hi, Well you can consult an immunologist,if your fever was not normally controlled and it had to be controlled by steroids. Otherwise it is difficult to get or understand some thing without looking at tests. You can also consult a md medicine for a secound opinion before consultint an immunologist. ...

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I am post menopausal (for 4 years). 2 weeks ago, after ONLY urinating, and only wiping the front, there has been a ~2-inch gob of brown goo on the toilet paper. My doctor sent me to the ER in the event is was stool - I had a rectocele repair 2 years ago. It was not stool. ER referred me to an OB-GYN who examined me and did a biopsy and said everything looked normal. Then it happened again last night. It smells bad, so I had presumed it was stool, but obviously it is not. I am also having cramps (for the past 3-4 months) which I've mentioned to my primary care doctor. Is this anything to be concerned about or just normal post-menopause junk coming out? Thank you.

hi, considering you had undergone a rectocele repair 2 years ago, there are high chances that this discharge me be stool unless proved otherwise. This may come due to a condition called Recto-vaginal fistula. You need to send the discharge coming out from the vagina for 'Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity' testing. If the culture (where they grow the bacteria in the sample) shows E.Coli as one of the organisms / bacteria, then you have to undergo a series of tests for diagnosis of recto-vaginal ...

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