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I recently had a period that started very light and evened out to a normal flow by the end but i experienced no usually period cramps, headaches, pain and what not. Then 2 days after my period ended i started experiencing a light pinkish discharge. Its normal in consistency compared to my usually ovulation discharge but the color is something I've never seen before. I am sexually active. Is this normal? or should be alarmed?

Hi there. It won’t harm if you will go to the nearest gynecologist so that he or she may conduct a pelvic exam. Pinkish discharge may mean a lot of things. It can be normal like ovulation, or can be an anatomic problem like polyp. But I think it is perfectly ok that you did not get cramps or any premenstrual symptoms. ...

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I've been using gynera for 6 months What are the chances that i get pregnant the exact month i stopped using it ? And another question, when does my urine test become positive its been 2 weeks since my ovulation and its negative :(.

Hi there. It is a case to case basis. Some get pregnant immediately after stopping their oral contraceptive while others will have to wait a few months to 2 years for them to become pregnant. You may wait another week to repeat your pregnancy test. ...

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hi iam suffring from pcos .and no ovulation there . period comes with the help of medicine only, i want to pregnanent now ,is it posssible , is there any other way like ivf is good for me or not

Hi there. Yes it is very possible for you to get pregnant. Before IVF, your doctor can prescribe you ovulation induction agents such as clomiphene citrate. If spontaneous pregnancy does not happen inspite of medication, then that’s the time artificial reproductive technique will be considered ...

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Hi. Good day. Im married for 1 year and tying to conceive. I have pcos, but last week i noticed that im having mucus like egg white, is this a sign that im ovulating? And taking paracetamol can affect ovulation? Thank you

Hi there. If you are having a mucus discharge that is thin (which can be stretched out when you separate your thumb and index finger, aand not foul smelling, it MAY be a sign of ovulation. To be more certain of your ovulation day, you may buy ovulation test kit. Paracetamol does not affect ovulation. ...

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I want to know how to calculate ovulation

Hi there. To be able to calculate ovulation, you have to take note of your shortest and longest cycle. Then subtract 14. For example, if your shortest cycle is 24 days and longest cycle is 28 days, 24-14=10. 28-14=14. Your ovulation can happen anytime from day 10 to day 14 of your cycle. ...

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