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i have scabies since a month, and used permethirin 2 times in 7 days difference with the doctor support, i felt relief day before yesterday but today i have more tiny bumps on my back they all are new.. what to do ? should i sit in sunlight ? i m already using neem oil 3times a day, with votex oral treatment.

Sorry looks like the answer did not post in its entirety. Continuing where it leaves off: Tab Ivermectin (Stromectol) 12 mg (if body wt>60 kgs), 9 mg (if body wt<60 kgs) - taken once now and once 7 days later (take on empty stomach). This is not essential but increases cure rates. Your doctor would need to prescribe it for you. All the people living with you must also be treated with permethrin as advised above even if they are asymptomatic, as usually everyone in the family is affected bu ...

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good afternoon, i have a stinky saliva which makes me wonder what is the root of this symptomps, my dentist said my oral condition is perfect, i did endoskopy and my interntist as well as gastro doctor didnt find anything that could possibly related with stinky saliva problem. what else should i find out to determine the cause of it? i think this stinky saliva started 2 or 3 years ago. i didnt worry too much at first, but lately ive been very concern.

You have to do the test properly. You have to wait a good 2-3 hours after you put anything (including water) into your mouth. Also, alkaline is Blue almost turning purple. Just a good dark blue. If it is green, you are much more acidic than neutral (7.0 pH), but where you want to be is a bit higher than neutral at 7.4 which is dark blue. And right before you take the test swallow the saliva in your mouth a few times and then draw up fresh saliva from underneath your tongue. And THEN take the tes ...

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Primarily an Oral or Dental Question, The Day before last I developed a small fleshy lump and/or protrusion on the upper, left side of my mouth, on the cheek almost where it meets my teeth/gums. While not particularly painful, it has an sensitive feeling and makes my jaw ache a little. Any ideas or suggestions would help.

hello sir, thanks for your query the fleshy lump is due to your cheek bite. treatment option: 1.go to a nearby dentist and undergo enemeloplasty(mild grinding of teeth). 2.apply Benzocaine(tropical anesthesia ) ointment on the lump 15 min before food it will releive you from pain and sensation. thank you Dr.Rahul Banerjee ...

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Hi I just started taking an oral contraceptive and my gums have started to bleed and are very tender. I brush my teeth twice a day and regularly go to the dentist. This is the first problem I have had with my teeth or gums. IS it possible the two are related?

Hi, main cause for the bleeding & tender gums is Bacterial Deposits on the tooth surface i.e. Plaque. Oral contraceptives can alter the response of Gums to the Plaque. Visit a dentist and get your Scaling done. Technique of teeth brushing is more important than the frequency of brushing. Maintain proper oral hygiene. Regards ...

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