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Doctor my mother aged 63yrs have DVT. When scanned the report says following; 1- grey scale imaging shows enlarge diameter of Common Femoral Vein (CFV) & Superficial Fomoral Vein (SFV). 2- Color Doppler reveals non-fillilng of external lilac vein on the left side. Partial filling of colour is seen in the left CFV & SFV. The Popliteal vein does not show any colour filling. The Peroneal and Posterior Tibial veins are filling with the colour. Anterior tibial vein could not be identified on colour Doppler. 3- Doppler imaging shows mid respiratory plasticity in CFV. There is very poor Response to distal augmentation in the CFV. 4- Great Saphenous vein is Patent. IMPRESSION- Deep vein thrombosis in lower limb involving External lliac vein, CFV,SFV & Popliteal vein, and possibly Anterior Tibial Veins. There is partial recanalisation of CFV & SFV. Posterior Tibial and Peroneal veins are patent. Suggested clinical correlation. Scan copy added to the medical record in the profole. that the above is the report of the radiologist now what medicine you prescribe ,how to take and when to review the report? .whether the same will be cure or the patient should be in medicine for life long,what are the immediate risk?

Hi, The Doppler examination shows a thrombus in the deep veins with partial recanalization. This suggests that the thrombus is of a chronic nature. The Doppler can be repeated after one month of treatment to see residual thrombus. We do not provide any prescription. For this you have to visit an internal medicine specialist. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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hi my baby boy 2 month old he is suffering in juandice using medicines.. 380.. mother can take fish or other non veg food?

Hi, of what I understood from your question is that you have a 2 month old baby who is suffering from jaundice and your wife who must be feeding can she have non veg food or not. Well the awnser is yes she can have anything to eat whatever she likes to eat including fish. If you have some other question please be a little more clear. And yes 4.6 kg is a wonderful weight,infact a little overweight for the age of your child. ...

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I need a Breast Specialist who can tell me about non-surgical breast enhancement

Use external prosthesis. Otherwise, go for the breast augmentation procedure. ...

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I am suffering from varicocele since 4 years.It aggravated initially in my opinion due to weight lifting.After taking medicines it never went away and i had a surgery after 2 years.the pain was not entirely gone but started aggravating in 2 months post surgery.Since then i have tried homeopathy and i have tried changing my food habits by reducing my non veg drastically but of no avail.I am really sick of this pain.It aggravates after i exercise, after urination and bowel movements, and it pains in the morning after i get up.I want some ayurveda treatment for this condition.

Hi, I think you should get it checked with a surgeon if the surgery was successful and if you have not developed any complication or may be some other problem may be in the same or other testis then there should be no pain due the same varicocele. Otherwise also varicocele is an emergency and should be consulted immediately and you should not waste time to consult a general surgeon. I am not sure over ayurvedic drugs and can prescribe you only allopathic treatment. Avoid doing heavy excercise. ...

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i take unwanted kit but continuesly bleeding non stop from 8 days

Hi!! Kindly specify the duration of pregnancy for which you took the unwanted kit.Usually heavy bleeding occurs after taking unwanted kit which then subsides on its own.But if the heavy bleeding is persisting then maybe because of incomplete abortion.Kindly get an ultrasound of the pelvis done to rule out any such condition. Also ,fever can be a side effect of your the medication,but if persistently high can be due to infection of the retained products in the uterus.Kindly consult your doctor to ...

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I had my wisdom tooth surgical extraction 2 months back. But my tougue is tasteless and partly numb

hello, may be due to tramatic extraction procedure,or while giving local anaesthesia there must be some nerve damage,known as parasthesia . it willtake some time before nerve regenerates & heals. you can start Cap Maxgalin 75mg to hasten healig process. ...

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she dont want surgical joint replacement due to her age.But need some therapy to relieve pain.Is ozone injection is the best ?

Hi, Viscosupplementation can be done for osteoarthritis of knees . It has good results. Injections are given in knee joints which increase the lubrication of joints . This helps to relieve pain . Consult your orthopedic surgeon for this therapy . Feel free to ask any questions. ...

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