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My 3 years old daughter has cough and cold for 2 days and fever since morning . She has nasal discharge and seems to breath by mouth. Otherwise she is playful and active. Please advise.

Hi , Thanks for your request. Your daughter has Viral upper respiratory tract infection.Her mouth breathing is due to her nose blockage.Put nasal decongestant drops in both nostrils thrice a day. Also give her steam inhalation twice daily. For cough and cold give her a decongestive medicine with paracetamol. This will take care of fever as well. Keep a watch for danger signs like fast breathing , chest indrawing , inability to drink , lethargy . Go to your nearest child specialist when you see ...

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Currently I am feeling like very weak and headache, mouth is smelling and unable to eat anything and nose is dry and also teeth are paining. Can you please let me know , what could be the problem, it is a flu like symptom..?

This is due to viral fever ,sinusitis . Maintain fluid intake ,have healthy and fresh food,take rest ,have fruits and vegetables and light food . Get your check up done to near physicians and dentist.. ...

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On monday i got a canker sore on the bottom left side of my mouth under my tongue next to my gums. Ive been using warm water with salt every day to kill it. Its getting better but now i have little tiny skin with white tips hanging from the bottom of my tongue that are sensitive. Is this because of the Canker sore? or is there something else going on?

Oral ulcers or apthae are common in the oral cavity induced by several reasons. Most commonly you would experience burning sensation in the mouth. If it asymptomatic, no medication is required. Do not use any salt as it would aggravate the lesion. Apthous ulcers are self limiting. ...

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I wear dentures & my liabial frenum is swollen and hurts. My son had a mouth infections 2 months ago & our dentist gave him a prescriptions for metronidazole. I still have 12 left, can I take them

Denture fitting and occlusal balance should be checked to avoid trauma. Dentures must be adequately polished and glazed, as pores increase denture contamination by oral microorganisms Good oral hygiene is mandatory. The mouth must be kept as clean as possible and a thorough rinse after meals should be performed. • Local factors which promote growth of yeasts, such as smoking or wearing the dentures throughout the night, must be discouraged. Topical application of antiseptic is advisable ...

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