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i have scabies since a month, and used permethirin 2 times in 7 days difference with the doctor support, i felt relief day before yesterday but today i have more tiny bumps on my back they all are new.. what to do ? should i sit in sunlight ? i m already using neem oil 3times a day, with votex oral treatment.

Sorry looks like the answer did not post in its entirety. Continuing where it leaves off: Tab Ivermectin (Stromectol) 12 mg (if body wt>60 kgs), 9 mg (if body wt<60 kgs) - taken once now and once 7 days later (take on empty stomach). This is not essential but increases cure rates. Your doctor would need to prescribe it for you. All the people living with you must also be treated with permethrin as advised above even if they are asymptomatic, as usually everyone in the family is affected bu ...

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Can I take MTP Kit (Cipla) during lactation? I have 7 month baby and breastfeed him regularly and now I am 1month 10 days (40 days) pregnant. If at all I take the kit when to stop and restart breastfeeding?

Hi, Yes you can be prescribed with mtp kit,but don't prescribe it to yourself please visit a gynecologist. No you don't need to stop lactation for this drug. Surgery might be the preffered treatment in you with the pregnancy reaching such high time, don't take treatment by yourself, visit a gynaecologist. ...

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dear sir i am prashant age 22 yr old . from last 15 days i have pain in my legs so i was quite unable to walk and run , even to stand up i reuired some support .as per my MRI concern the doct says your spinal veins gets press so we need to do exercice sir plz tell me your suggestion for the sam e , and give me best solution or suggestion

Hay prashant, from the symptom what you are telling seem its slip dics. but the extant of compression depends on the level of disc been bulged. so i would require your MRI report. for exs plz contact a physiotherapist near by you. but plz make a note. the physio should have either BPT/MPT qualification. MPT Ortho prefer. ...

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Hi, I have irregular periods due to pcod and I am facing difficulties to conceive, every two months once I am getting periods and the bleeding is continuing many days means until I get medicine support to control it's continuing,my pelvic scan was normal except MSF in both ovaries and thyroid is normal and I had imbalance b/w FSH and LH hormone so kindly suggest me what treatment I can take to regularize my periods and to conceive,I got married 4years back,I am not conceived yet

First of all, You need to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist with specialty in infertility, there are other things to consider besides the FSH and LH. We need the other data also like if your fallopian tubes are blocked or not. One of the most important factors also to consider is the sperm count and quality of your husband. ...

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