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Looking for Lyme disease treatment expert.

Hi, Lymes disease is an infective disease,if tou want to consult about the disease u need to visit an internal medicine specialist For confirming the disease,still the tests are very controversial and no test can confirm you about the disease,the diagnosis would depend upon the presentation(symptoms and signs)and test result. Various tests included are serologic tests(pcr,western blot,elisa test)and some radiologic evidence on mri The treatment usually starts with an antibiotic,but depends ...

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I am 22 year old male recently diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten-sensitive). I would like to know which foods I should avoid.

Hi, Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder induced by ingestion of gluten, present in wheat, rye and barley. A lifelong exclusion of gluten from the diet is a must. Cereals permitted are rice, makka-ka-atta, chana-flour (besan), sago, bajra, jowar, soyabean, katoo-ka-atta, singhara-ka atta, arrowroot powder, gluten-free atta/biscuits. Cereals to be avoided are wheat flour, refined wheat flour, wheat semolina, rye, barley, dalia, wheat flakes, oats, breadcrumbs, seviyan (vermicelli) T ...

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i've done a test for microsomal (Tpo) antibody titre, serum by cmia & the observe value is 635.56 my tsh is also high and having node in the neck and in right axilla ( underarm ). What does this means ? What disease i am suffering from i need to no ? My family say nothing happen. They also say i am not having any problem. Pls answer me

Hi, Microsomal (tpo) levels are usually seen to look for autoimmune antibodies against your own thyroid. Yes your the test is positive and values are quite high which can have many causes out of which nodular goitre can have high probability because you are having thyroid problems as well. Now the thyroid nodules are usually slow growing nodules in which malignancy have to be ruled out first, and then next line is whether they are obstructing your airway or not. If not then it is just the med ...

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sir, my father has swelling in his neck.He has problem in swallow and he has pain also. some doctor says it s thyroid problem and some say dat he has lumps in his neck.Due to pain he has fever frm a week. sir is it d symptom of any fatal disease.

Number of tests, x rays, etc and patient's general health evaluation with clinical findings will pinpoint the cause to your father's swelling leading to diagnoses and finally treatment. The symptoms stated by you is common in Hodgkin's disease. Visit a hospital for evaluation immediately ...

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can anyone with bipolar disorder is cured in nimhans bangalore? because the disease is from 20 years, he is taking medicines from 20 years. So is it possible to improve in nimhans?

Bi polar disorder can be treated any where in the world, it need not be in nimhans only. If drug dosage is given adequately it will be controlled and not cured (except natural remision). Regular follow up with the psychiatrist is very necessary for drug monitoring. ...

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