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Hi! Yesterday, I went to see my dentist for tooth extraction and currently taking antibiotics and mefenamic acid for 7 days. Next week, on Wednesday, I'm going to undergo blood testing, urinalysis and fecalysis. Question, is it okay to undergo these procedures even though I'm taking medicines? I'm so busy and Wednesday is the only day I'm available. Plus, clinics are closed on Christmas holiday. Please help me. Thanks!

Medicines do alter the routine blood analysis results. But if your dentist has asked for it, then it might have been for some specific reason. just inform the laboratory that you are on antibiotics to prevent any wrong interpretation. Dental Extractions will not much time. I am sure you can spare a few minutes for it. ...

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i am just 25 years old.My height is 169 cm&weight-72 kgslast 10 days back i checked my bp,it is 150/ lipid profile reports are normal,in ultrasound scanning liver was minute enlarged,i am taking stamlo beta for my hypertension,now can i use ayurveda medicines for hyprtension & liver enlargement.

Hi, Looking at your detail that you gave me, you seem to have a normal BMI (body mass index),and normal cholesterol levels which is a good thing. There can be many people who might have a slight or mildly enlarged liver that only means that you should have a little less on your cholesterol or oil in eating and may be alcohol if you ingest it. You can use ayurvedic drugs for your liver,but I wont say them for hypertension. Now a days many doctors prescribe diuretics as a first line of treatmen ...

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What are the side effects of Flotral 10 mg? (the other medicines I am using are: Glycomet G1 (1 dailoy), Gluformin SR 1g (1 daily) - for DM and Telmisartan-Rosuvastatin - for Hyper tension.)

Hi, The drug you are taking comes under the group of alpha blocker, which also reduces blood pressure(has some effect). As you are already taking a medicine for blood pressure,so you should be careful. Direct side effects 1) Headache 2) Vertigo 3) Tiredness 4) Stoamch pain 5) Constiaption 6) Dizziness Some side effects because of interaction with anti-hypertensive 1) Atrial fibrillation 2) Ventricular fibrillation 3) Tacycardia 4) Coronary heart disease( in people who are at risk ) So get y ...

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Everytime I get into my car with AC on after some distance of journey I get severe dry lips. I suspect someone has planted some kind of radioactive material somewhere tucked away in my car to kill me slowly. Why do I get dry mouth lips in my car throughout the year? Has it anything to do with the medicines I am taking. I take Chlonazepam daily for sleep..(Revotril)

Hi, Yes it could be due to the medicine you are taking(revotril). It can bring about changes such as dry mouth and throat. However you may have plenty of water and can use some moisturizer if the drug is helping you. But if you are not satisfied with the drug because it can bring many side effects like dizziness,light headedness,and irritability also and many more side effects , you may consult your doctor to change the drug.(but drugs like such are always going to have some side effects so thi ...

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