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not able to sleep due to gastric problem, pain in back and rigth side of stomach

Hi, You will have to leave whatever is troubling you ,specially spicy,oily non veg food,alcohol in night and smoking atleast in the night time. You may also have to stawl after your dinner and try and have your dinner by evening 7 p.m. May be you are in your office but nothing is more important than you yourself. You can have tablet rabeprazole twice daily before breakfast and before dinner. if you are having this for a long time you may be given anti h pylori treatment. Feel free to ask furt ...

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sir, last yaer i got tortoise meat and get alergy. after that next six months i have suddent increased heart beat . at night after dinner somtime. i used nexprord40,for reflux ,gestric,siplar10,and lonazep0.5. but still i afraid, even i buy arjunarishta and divya hridayamrit bati.. tel me sir what to do? i got TMT/ECG/ECO2D/ONLY I HAVE FATTY LIVER. NOW ITS SGOT 58/SGPT 72. MY VITAMIND3 IS LESS.TAKING TOYO60K FOR 8 WEEKS.

Hi, Sweating from hands and feet is separate and that can be treated separately by a dermatologist. Palpation in chest and feeling cold can be due to anxiety and not necessarily due to heart problem. I also believe that you need another opinion from internal medicine specialist. Golbi150 was okay and can be taken for a while to lower sgot and sgpt levels. I had already checked the reports. Sorry we are not allowed to give phone no. ...

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Respected sir, I suffering from gastric,indigestion,stomach get weight if I take few food.weight loss around 14 kg since last 5 year. Plz suggest to me kindly.

U r suferring from mal absorption syndrome there is no effective medicine in allopathy. But I have very good ayurvedic medicines for ur problem. no side effects. I need ur detailed history investigation and previous medications. For more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...

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Dear Vishnu, Acidity is a common complaint with smoking and alcohol consumption. Try to avoid both of them, Have timely food and sleep. Reduce oily and more spicy foods. Take plenty of buttermilk, leafy vegetables in your diet. Take 2-3 cups dhaniya decoction every day. Take mint leaves every day in your diet. follow these and get back to us with ur feed back.....Dr Ranganadh ...

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Greetings Doctor, I am suffering from inconsistent stool WITH NO ABDOMINAL PAIN for more than a year. I get perfect poop like that of banana as described in bristle stool chart for half of the month and then loose (not like watery stool) stool for 10 days. This change in consistency is what irritating me despite the same kind of food I eat daily. Bowel movement is once a day and in the morning after wake up. COLOR OF THE STOOL- remains on the dark brown/brown side with no undigested remnants of foods and any other kind of unwanted waste or mucus. GAS-Actually I am not suffering from chronic constipation and have daily bowel movements (for 27 days out of 31 days of a month) with feeling of satisfaction- output of stool is equal to input (food) I eat. I also occasionally (5-6 days a month) suffer from gas (comes out of anus) if I don't get complete bowel movement for one day. Gas comes out more from evening onwards. RUMBLING of INTESTINES is another a problem whether I get loose stool or bulky stool. I could hear the sound easily. It doesn’t last throughout the day and mostly heard from evening onwards. I will get constipation if I switch to processed foods and no fibre. FOOD ALLERGY -I don't have any chronic either albeit I have some issues with digesting milk but that is eliminated if drink warm milk boiled for 10 minutes with herbs like ginger and cinnamon. I can digest rest of the dairy products. I have no problem with grains. I also don't eat processed foods and drinks of any kind and stick to only natural foods but that’s not necessarily organic foods. I maintain food diary daily and have eliminated some common food which triggers my problem-white flour (maida), white sugar, eggs, potato, rice, starchy foods, wrong combination of foods, non veg foods, cheese, cold milk, cabbage, cauliflower, colocassia, broccoli, beetroot, some leafy vegetables-spinach. These causes problem most of the time but I have observed that on a few occasion they don’t trigger any unwanted reactions. I HAVE NO PROBLEM IN DIGESTING GRAINS but HIGH FIBRE IS MUST for preventing CONSTIPATION. SUPPLEMENTS-I take three in my diet. Triphala (5gm at night) to keep gut healthy; Isabgol (in the morning empty stomach) to maintain bulk of the stool and Aloevera and Amla juice at night after 30 minutes of my meal. If I stop taking them I don't get complete bowel movement.These were suggested by Ayurvedic Practitioner along with Papaya, harad fruit, Figs and Raisins. This remedy has increased output of stool and constipation is not a problem anymore. I am not taking any pro-biotic supplements-acidophilius bacterium. OTHER DISEASES-Apart from this I am not suffering from any other common digestive disorders such as acid reflux, acidity, distension of belly, diarrhea, indigestion, abdominal pain/cramps, joint pains, liver, sexual and kidney problems etc. PILES-I had non-bleeding piles for the first time since my childhood last year due to slight tight stool with complete bowel movement. It was a black grape size mass of swollen veins with blood clot. I was cured in 45 days without operation. MY HISTORY OF DISEASES-During my childhood days right after my birth, I had weak digestive system as diagnosed by doctors at that time. Constipation and blood in stool was common for first five years. As I grew up these problems went away for next five years. When I crossed the age of 10, I started to get dull abdominal pain and continued for more than year till I was cured. Then during my teen years from 15-18, I started to suffer from constipation with weak but daily bowel movements. As time passed, it started to become chronic and I had had no bowel movement for more than 5-6 days and I had to resort to strong stimulant laxatives to expel stools. Thank god that with regular exercises and switching to natural foods I have had not this kind of constipation since then. May be I have congenital disease as my mother tells me that due to financial crunch she couldn’t eat recommended balanced diet. DAILY DIET AND WORK SCHEDULE- I follow a disciplined life with waking up and sleeping at fixed time with tolerance of one hour. I sleep for 6:30 hours a day. I eat three times a day with a gap of 4 hrs. I try to eat balanced diet-1 bowl (200gm) each of complex carbohydrates porridge, yoghurt, fruits, vegetables and proteins (from veg. source only). Its very important for me to start my day with complex carbohydrate and fibre to keep stool bulky for the next day. Porridge, beans and yoghurt in the morning, only fruits or fruit juice in the noon and salads, vegetables and proteins at night. I daily do Yoga and brisk walk in the morning for 40 minutes. I am fit overall with good agility. WORK LIFE-My work involves sitting for long time since I am working in banking sector and have high stress (also prep for professional exam CAT) all the time. but I try to offset my sedentary work life with natural foods and exercises. Probably this long sitting might have some connection with piles I had last year. I now sit on chair with no spongy material. MY BLOOD TEST AND OTHER REPORTS-My complete RBC test is normal, inflammation is well below normal-C reactive test, no bacterial infection in the stool and urine composition is normal too. I haven’t had endoscopy yet. BIODATA-My age is 25 yrs, male and unmarried, weight 72 kg and height 6ft and on the thinner side. I have some bearable low back pain intermittently. Nobody else in my family have digestive problems unless they eat wrong kind of foods. PARADOX-Despite all my efforts to live as much as healthy both mentally and physically, I still don’t understand what the problem is and what the source is. It frustrates me and wonders why I have all this issues. On the other hand people are eating wrong foods, leading indiscipline life and still are fine at least with respect to digestive system. I hope that some doctors will able to tell me where I am wrong and what could be the reason behind it. Waiting with patience. Regards

Hello agni u had long standing intestinal infection u had problems with digestion. U r intestine is highly sensitive. Problems I can look r flatulent dyspepsia, colitis irritable bowel syndrome. Weak immunity. I appreciate your r health food and life style conscious. But don't compair ur problem with others. U have ur own designed digestion tract. U Need proper ayurvedic treatment and diet lifestyle modifications. This is not a major disease but it impacts ur body and mind. We have very good med ...

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Sir I did endoscopy few days ago, the results are OG JUNCTION 38 CMS /LAXOG IMPRESSION - Gr'B'DISTAL ESOPHAGITIS/LAX OGJ. But one year ago in same clinic I did endoscopy for same problem, the results were... OG JUNCTION 34 cms Impression - Gr'C'DISTAL ESOPHAGITIS SUPERFICIAL GASTRIC ULCER. So what is the difference between two endoscopy sir, there is any problem or I am normal sir... Till now I have spend many thousands of rupees sir, so I need your guide line sir....

you are having inflammation at your distal esophagus and an ulcer at proximal stomach. These repeatitive problms can be due to Diet habits, stress, certain medicines. your need to take antacids, lifestyle modification with less stress and anxiety and avoidance of spicy and hot food. also any suspicious lesion need to undergo biopsy. for any more queries, contact us at *********@*****.com ...

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