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I am a 32 years female with a severe tooth ache in my jaw which increases in the night. I know there seems to be a cavity in one of my tooth. What exactly needs to be done for me to get relief from my pain & what will the whole procedure be like ?? Thanks

Hello , The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to consult a good dentist, perhaps in the your near vicinity. You must have regular checkups every six months for prevention of such problems later on, this is an international protocol followed everywhere. Next, what I do get from your symptoms is that you have something’s known as a nerve exposure of a particular tooth (or sometimes set of teeth). The only treatment left to save teeth like these is Root Canal Treatment. Now i ...

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My dentist advised me to have rct for 2 front teeth out of which one is a dead tooth because of trauma. Now, i need to travel in couple of days and shall be away for couple of months. So the dentist suggested that she can fill the cavity with cotton and do the final treatment once i am back. What would you advise?

i would not agree with leaving the treatment incomplete. this may lead to infection that could be worse than what you have. your tooth will be weakened due to the access cavity and liable to fracture. either wait till you get back and DO NOT TOUCH the tooth at all (if you have no trouble now) or FINISH the treatment and leave. make sure you are carrying medication in either case. ...

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Doctor my mother aged 63yrs have DVT. When scanned the report says following; 1- grey scale imaging shows enlarge diameter of Common Femoral Vein (CFV) & Superficial Fomoral Vein (SFV). 2- Color Doppler reveals non-fillilng of external lilac vein on the left side. Partial filling of colour is seen in the left CFV & SFV. The Popliteal vein does not show any colour filling. The Peroneal and Posterior Tibial veins are filling with the colour. Anterior tibial vein could not be identified on colour Doppler. 3- Doppler imaging shows mid respiratory plasticity in CFV. There is very poor Response to distal augmentation in the CFV. 4- Great Saphenous vein is Patent. IMPRESSION- Deep vein thrombosis in lower limb involving External lliac vein, CFV,SFV & Popliteal vein, and possibly Anterior Tibial Veins. There is partial recanalisation of CFV & SFV. Posterior Tibial and Peroneal veins are patent. Suggested clinical correlation. Scan copy added to the medical record in the profole. that the above is the report of the radiologist now what medicine you prescribe ,how to take and when to review the report? .whether the same will be cure or the patient should be in medicine for life long,what are the immediate risk?

Hi, The Doppler examination shows a thrombus in the deep veins with partial recanalization. This suggests that the thrombus is of a chronic nature. The Doppler can be repeated after one month of treatment to see residual thrombus. We do not provide any prescription. For this you have to visit an internal medicine specialist. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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Can taking Concerta cause cavities? My son is eight years old and started taking Concerta in May. We went to the dentist and he now has 5 cavities which he hasnt had a cavity before this. Also, I noticed since he has been on Concerta, his teeth seem to have a yellow tint.

Cavities in young age is because of lake of oral hygiene and due to improper brushing technic .first of all get that cavity fill and then on words stop giving such a sticky substance like chocolates ,pasty ,chocolates which get stick to the tooth . Preventive methods 1 do give sticky food before sleep 2. Use fluoridated paste 3 brush 2 times a day 4 get the check up done at least once a year ...

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i want my front teeth gap filling without bonding

Dear Patient, Go for Orthodontia treatment [Straighting of Teeth] for Closing of gap between anteriors. Veenering is other option but it involves Bonding so is using composites. Crowns will need to cut and shape your teeth [Not Advisable] Only ortho will help without any artificial inputs ...

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i have a bacterial decay in my tooth and a cavity in other tooth what is right way to have pain relief

if u have pain in decay tooth u need to undergo treatment called root canal treatment ,if its sensitivity in the teeth its fine for restoring the decay tooth by excavating the caries ...

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