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Hi! Yesterday, I went to see my dentist for tooth extraction and currently taking antibiotics and mefenamic acid for 7 days. Next week, on Wednesday, I'm going to undergo blood testing, urinalysis and fecalysis. Question, is it okay to undergo these procedures even though I'm taking medicines? I'm so busy and Wednesday is the only day I'm available. Plus, clinics are closed on Christmas holiday. Please help me. Thanks!

Medicines do alter the routine blood analysis results. But if your dentist has asked for it, then it might have been for some specific reason. just inform the laboratory that you are on antibiotics to prevent any wrong interpretation. Dental Extractions will not much time. I am sure you can spare a few minutes for it. ...

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sweating and chills after abscess tooth extraction

infection is the cause of fever,visit your dentist. ...

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I want to got for braces. Doctor advised to go for braces with tooth extraction and the duration is 18 months. Cant I go for 1 year braces

Braces treatment should be done with minimal forces on teeth so that there won't be any problems like bone loss or root resorption or mobile teeth or fenestration so please opt for longer duration braces treatment . ...

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can i take ponstan 500mg before tooth extraction

Ponstan is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain and also reduces swelling after surgery. So you can definitely take it. ...

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Male 19, just had two teeth out, one extraction has stitches, the other doesn't, the one without stitches has now got a huge blood clot hanging from the sit and is still bleeding, its been almost 24 hours since I had these two removed. How can I make this blood clot small / make the bleeding stop

Hi, It can bleed if stitches are given to you,though not heavy bleeding. It might bleed when you spit or may be otherwise but in drops. You should avoid eating anything hard spicy and also avoid eating from that side where teeth are removed and also don't try and gargle or spit continuously. You can have plenty of fluids directly orally,not by straw. You may also have ice cream and it should go away and you may continue with pain killers and antibiotics for now. You may also do warm rinse. It ...

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