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Bronchial asthma

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i use cetrizine or levo cetrizine for 10 years for asthma and allergic rashes and itching problem now i am having problem like slow heartbeat and discomfort from last two days please help

Hi, I would like to ask you what do you mean by word slow heart beat because it might mean a little different medically. Usually inhalers are responsible for tachycardia(fast heart rate than slow),specially the drug taken by you. These are very common drugs that might cause you to have a little bit of tremors and might cause you to feel that you are feeling your heart beat,or it might also cause headache,dizziness,or may be vomiting. I believe you can ask your physician to change your inhaler ...

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got asthma attack 4 tyms. taken asthalin neblisation . uneasiness & stiffness in body. What should i do now

Hi, You should visit a hospital emergency,till then try to be in an open space and try to breath easy. Asthalin nebulisation increases heart rate,if you have asthmatic attacks quite frequently do mention it to your doctor he will change your drugs to the ones who have long term mechanisam of action and have to be given once in a day and they will reduce your your dependance from asthalin. ...

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good evening doctor ! my son is 11 yr old, studying in 5th std. he keeps getting a cold intermittently. it is characterised by sudden sneezing fits, esp in the morning. i am prone to asthma but only sometimes. pls suggest a permanent remedy or precaution for his cold. his cold also appears to be allergic,

Looks like allergic rhinitis, is related to asthma. Avoid triggers like dust, mites, pets, pollen and someone smoking in house. Your doctor may prescribe steroid nasal spray for 5-10 days, if severe - despite antihistamines, decongestant. You may try frequent nasal rinsing with normal saline. ...

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how many times a day can u give omnacortil syrup for asthma

two times in devided doses after doctors prescription and advice. ...

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what does mild bronchial vascular prominence mean?

Hii, Its nothing but usually a sigh of recurrent infection or common cold. regards Dr Raj ...

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I am allergic to dust, which has led to asthma. I had taken then fish medicine in Hyderabad about 2 yrs ago and did not experience any asthma problem for 2 yrs. Now, off late I have started experiencing asthma problems. Can u help me out with this.

asthma is a chronic illness that requires continue medication for a period of time as there is inflammation in the airway mucus membrane it usually gets aggravated in winter season or on contact to any allergen. kindly get Peak expiratory flow rate and consult the chest physician for continued relief. ...

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My baby is hot and has asthma can I use the fan on her.

Angella,good evening yes you can use fan not blow on her directly, just to keep room pleasant.ok ...

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