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Asthma and sinusitis

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i use cetrizine or levo cetrizine for 10 years for asthma and allergic rashes and itching problem now i am having problem like slow heartbeat and discomfort from last two days please help

Hi, I would like to ask you what do you mean by word slow heart beat because it might mean a little different medically. Usually inhalers are responsible for tachycardia(fast heart rate than slow),specially the drug taken by you. These are very common drugs that might cause you to have a little bit of tremors and might cause you to feel that you are feeling your heart beat,or it might also cause headache,dizziness,or may be vomiting. I believe you can ask your physician to change your inhaler ...

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Dear doctors, I am a research scholar and working on signal transduction studies and regularly use several irritants and ion channel blockers. I am suffering from excess keratosis on palms and soles and some times deep painful fissures from almost two years. It was started as a small thickening patch an left arm and recovered after treatment with moisturizing creams. After that I went to Japan as part of my research programme and one nurse given me creams with anti-fungal compounds and urea but the problem was enhanced and started the deep fisures on my soles. I came back to India and used homeopathy medicine for one weak and after that i visited a doctor. He suggested me to apply lemon juice trice daily and use vitamin C along with high doses of antifungal tablets and creams. I used this medicine for 6 months which further worsen my situation and my skin became very thick and appeared like toe nails and spread-ed to all areas of palms and soles. I changed the doctor and he given me the isotretinol for 2 months and given vitamin A and D combination for 4 months which improved my condition alot. Now I am taking a dosage of 6000 IU Vit A and 1000 IU Vit D once for every 3days. Whether I will completely relieve from my problem with these medicines or is there any permanent recovery in ayurvedic?

U had allergic dermatitis problem this might be psychosomatic disease. . Cause are both external allergies chemicals etc internal weakened immunity changed blood composition nutritional deficiency etc. U Need proper ayurvedic treatment diet suppliment and even counselling. We have very good medicines and suppliments for ur problem. For more information call or what's app me on this site : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u ...

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got asthma attack 4 tyms. taken asthalin neblisation . uneasiness & stiffness in body. What should i do now

Hi, You should visit a hospital emergency,till then try to be in an open space and try to breath easy. Asthalin nebulisation increases heart rate,if you have asthmatic attacks quite frequently do mention it to your doctor he will change your drugs to the ones who have long term mechanisam of action and have to be given once in a day and they will reduce your your dependance from asthalin. ...

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Hello. I am 35 have ENT problems- I have had tonsillitis many times as a child and quinsy about 6 times. Following a bad time with the last quinsy I am now booked in gor a tonsillectomy on Thursday morning. My other symptoms are excessive mucus in my throat which I get out and get rid of. I have been diagnosed with polyps in my sinuses. I have been told I have a lot of scaring from the quinsy's and a tonsillectomy will not be easy due to bleeding etc. From my point of view I feel having this operation is prompt and I haven't been examined thoroughly to see if it is something else causing the abcesses. The thing is reading up about quinsy- they form after a bout of streptococcus or untreated tonsillitis. But when I get one, it can come on suddenly within hours- a gland on the left hand side of my neck swells and then within hours it hurts, stinks and I have pain all in my ear too. So I eat toast cooked about 3times so extremely hard and sharp and cry whilst swallowing it- hoping it burst and relieves the pressure. That always worked until last time and I got worse after it burst and got hospitalised for treatment. They had never treated me before or known the way it develops and now want to take my tonsils out. I have scared tissue now- surgery will be hard- then I may get more after (my throat is already tight) and if it is my Weber gland at fault having a tonsillectomy will not stop the abscess from forming again. What should I do?

LASER Surgery is safe, bloodless and minimal (if any) scarring ...

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good evening doctor ! my son is 11 yr old, studying in 5th std. he keeps getting a cold intermittently. it is characterised by sudden sneezing fits, esp in the morning. i am prone to asthma but only sometimes. pls suggest a permanent remedy or precaution for his cold. his cold also appears to be allergic,

Looks like allergic rhinitis, is related to asthma. Avoid triggers like dust, mites, pets, pollen and someone smoking in house. Your doctor may prescribe steroid nasal spray for 5-10 days, if severe - despite antihistamines, decongestant. You may try frequent nasal rinsing with normal saline. ...

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My appendix ruptured 4 days before I went into the hospital for any treatment. Obviously at the time I was very unaware of what it was until after being diagnosed through a very rapid volly of tests and scans, which within hours resulted into surgery. I thought I pulled a muscle or broke/chipped a rib. After I woke from survey the doctor explained my appendix did rupture but luckily, and she quoted to "luckily" in the "chances of winning the lottery" way. she went on to explain that it looked like it ruptured days ago.(I went 4 days of same intense pain levels). She said where it ruptured was "luckily" so close to my colon that the poisonous puss acualy fused my ruptured appendix to the side of my colon which resulted in a, and again I quote, "a miracle bandage", that somewhat sealed most of the deadly toxins that surely would of.."should of" killed me within hours, a few days at best, without immediate care and heavy antibiotics. It was so bad she had to remove part of my colon and needed to make 2 separate incisions. I lay here now after a 2 day after care stay, at my home, with a long drain tube still attached and sucking poison out, a bottle of pain meds which I won't take and refused before surgery also, and a huge bottle of strongest antibiotics prescribable that I must take for at minimum 14 days. I'm a single full time father of 3 girls, twins(almost 14) and a 10yr old. We have no other family, they are what I live for, my strength, my joy, my pride and I litteraly thank god every night for allowing me to care, provide, and have another day together. I never thought I could be more grateful for each day given my past I didn't deserve it. my question is simply this, and thank you for reading, Was I really that close to death? Or is my doctor trumping it up so I'm more conscious about seeing my doc more than once every 5-7 years if that? I will start regular check ups and won't tuff things out to much as a result..BUT COULD I HAVE DIED THAT FAST? THAT EASILY?? please be straight up..no bs..no need to be drawn out.. Thank you for your time! God Bless, The GrateFull DaD

Ruptured appendix still continues to be a grave problem and can even prove disastrous if surgery is delayed too long ...

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