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Hi, I am 23 Year female. I had DNC last year in 5th month of pregnancy. I had pus cells in the first month, used anti -biotics at that time. Now, i have been confirmed pregnancy. Again i have 1-2 PUS CELLS, & ESR is HIGH. I am having dry cough also now. What could be the reason? Is it due to infections transmitted in sex with my husband? How should i take medication?

Hi!! 1-2 pus cells in urine is no cause for concern as if it is more than 10 pus cells/high power field,it is of consequence. Esr high can be due to the cough that you are having.ESR is a very non specific indicator of infection in the body and can be raised even in normal pregnancy No need for antibiotics for the dry cough,you can take lozenges uptil 2 a day or antihistaminics like avil, which is safe in pregnancy,if the cough is irritating to the extent that it is disturbing your sleep or othe ...

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i am taking the anti rabies vaccine due to bitten by 8 week old puppy . i have already taken 3rd does of the anti rabies vaccine ,today while playing with my dog i again get a cut. so what should i do?

Hi, The injections vaxirab you have taken is not a ARS .It is a vaccine and these are two different thing. Usually ARS is given at the site of dog bite where the dog has bitten you. if you have had bleeding from the place where dog has bitten you then yo may go for ARS (it is a serum,not vaccine) available at many government hospitals in India. ARS is a single dose and multiple doses are not needed. ...

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my grandson of 12 days has normal ranges of t4 and t3 but 6.3 tsh. mothers direct coombs test is negative . he is apositive and mother is o negative. he is born at 37 weeks by caesarian. does he have congenital hypothyroidism? he is ok drinks mothers milk .indirect coombs test for anti-bodies is also negative

Hi, Yes your child is suffering from congenital hypothyroidism. Although it is mild, he will need to be prescribed with drugs, because hypothyroidism is a very common cause for retarded growth and mental retardation. Rest everything is related to the initial time of birth. That only means that your daughter in law will need to be prescribed with anti d injection before next pregnancy. ...

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Dear doctors, I am a research scholar and working on signal transduction studies and regularly use several irritants and ion channel blockers. I am suffering from excess keratosis on palms and soles and some times deep painful fissures from almost two years. It was started as a small thickening patch an left arm and recovered after treatment with moisturizing creams. After that I went to Japan as part of my research programme and one nurse given me creams with anti-fungal compounds and urea but the problem was enhanced and started the deep fisures on my soles. I came back to India and used homeopathy medicine for one weak and after that i visited a doctor. He suggested me to apply lemon juice trice daily and use vitamin C along with high doses of antifungal tablets and creams. I used this medicine for 6 months which further worsen my situation and my skin became very thick and appeared like toe nails and spread-ed to all areas of palms and soles. I changed the doctor and he given me the isotretinol for 2 months and given vitamin A and D combination for 4 months which improved my condition alot. Now I am taking a dosage of 6000 IU Vit A and 1000 IU Vit D once for every 3days. Whether I will completely relieve from my problem with these medicines or is there any permanent recovery in ayurvedic?

U had allergic dermatitis problem this might be psychosomatic disease. . Cause are both external allergies chemicals etc internal weakened immunity changed blood composition nutritional deficiency etc. U Need proper ayurvedic treatment diet suppliment and even counselling. We have very good medicines and suppliments for ur problem. For more information call or what's app me on this site : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u ...

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I have a history of knee, fingers and back pain; and now acute and disabling shoulder pains that started 4 months ago, which doctors attribute to long-term radiation effects (due to breast cancer in 1985), and ageing. MRI indicated a tear of superior labrum & free fluid in subscapularis bursa. Your suggestions please.

a clinical evaluation is required. you need to visit a shoulder specialist in your age the pain might be because of other reasons also. the tear you mentioned is usually seen in athletes doing a lot of overhead throwing. so a clinical exam in required to see if it is significant. ...

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