Topics And when the patient understands the reasons and the goals for treatment
  Topics And when the patient understands the reasons and the goals for treatment

And when the patient understands the reasons and the goals for treatment

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A patient has blood sugar level of 103 in fasting and 190 in post prandial , is it okey if I extract her tooth or do I postpon the treatment till both the values are normal?

you are asking this question as a dentist i guess although it shows here that the question is asked by a patient 59 yr old female... if you can monitor the blood glucose level under control and also check for any signs of excessive bleeding post extraction, it can be done ...

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Doctor my mother aged 63yrs have DVT. When scanned the report says following; 1- grey scale imaging shows enlarge diameter of Common Femoral Vein (CFV) & Superficial Fomoral Vein (SFV). 2- Color Doppler reveals non-fillilng of external lilac vein on the left side. Partial filling of colour is seen in the left CFV & SFV. The Popliteal vein does not show any colour filling. The Peroneal and Posterior Tibial veins are filling with the colour. Anterior tibial vein could not be identified on colour Doppler. 3- Doppler imaging shows mid respiratory plasticity in CFV. There is very poor Response to distal augmentation in the CFV. 4- Great Saphenous vein is Patent. IMPRESSION- Deep vein thrombosis in lower limb involving External lliac vein, CFV,SFV & Popliteal vein, and possibly Anterior Tibial Veins. There is partial recanalisation of CFV & SFV. Posterior Tibial and Peroneal veins are patent. Suggested clinical correlation. Scan copy added to the medical record in the profole. that the above is the report of the radiologist now what medicine you prescribe ,how to take and when to review the report? .whether the same will be cure or the patient should be in medicine for life long,what are the immediate risk?

Hi, The Doppler examination shows a thrombus in the deep veins with partial recanalization. This suggests that the thrombus is of a chronic nature. The Doppler can be repeated after one month of treatment to see residual thrombus. We do not provide any prescription. For this you have to visit an internal medicine specialist. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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Dear Doctor, Please help me to control my diabetes. I am a dibetic patient about 17 years and under insulin for the past 5 years.Before five years I underwent CABG surgery. My need for consultation is for Diabetes. Now i take Metformin 500 SR/Diapride 2mg and 30/70 fast acting Insulin 18 in the morning and night time I take diapride 2mg and Insulin 8 points only. My HbA1c is 7.9 and always PP is above 200 to 240 Today fasting is 121 and PP is 234.Please advice.

Hi, Since you are a known diabetic,few changes which have to be brought in are lifestyle modifications. If you have already not changed them or if you are not serious about them because they are the only steps which would help you the most. Drugs just bring down sugar for a few hours and then would raise back again and your body can become slowly resistant to the same drug dose so first you will have to bring lifestyle modification(changes) in yourself. 1)Eat a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet, ...

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a baby of 5 months.has biliary atresia, bile flow from the liver to the gallbladder is blocked. is now sent to CMC Vellore for further treatment. patient can bear expenditure of maximum 1 lakh. advice treatment and solution please

Hi, Biliary atresia is a serious problem and worse part is it is less know. It has only surgical treatment and intially the procedure done is kasai procedure(in which a part of child intestine is used to replace the bile duct out of liver),but however if it fails then liver transplantation is the only option. I am not sure over the cost of procedure in cmc vellore,but however if you are carrying your detailed certificate about income then you will be given priority and will be charged less(it c ...

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Hello Doc I am diagnosed for PCOS ,TTC with siphene 100mg. On the 13th day of my periods the follicular study shows Right 8.3X8mm ,left 9.9X7.2 mm, i was not convinced with the scan report due to some reasons which i faced during my previous scan ,so went for another ultrasound scan from another hospital on the 14th day of my periods. The folicular size on 14th day shows Right :10.6x7.6mm and Left 14.9X9.4mm My question here is how can the follicules in a day grow from 9.9x7.2mm to 14.9X9.4 mm? and are there any chances for me to concieve this time with follicules 14.9x9.4 mm on the 14th day by an HCG shot at the right time ? and taking ultrasound scans many times is of any harm ????

Hi, Ideally if some one has a regular cycle(periods) the follicle should be mature and ready to rupture on thirteenth day,size of a mature follicle is around 20-21mm when it ruptures. It depends why metformin is given to you if the only cause is pcod and is just given for this then it would be stopped after you conceive,but if you have type 2 diabetes(insulin resistance) along with pcod then it would be continued life long. Many people achieve periods after they have their first baby. ...

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Can we perform extraction, root canat treatment and crown leghthening procedure on a jaundice patient safely?

Better wait still your jaundice settle down. If there is any secondary infection ,prescribbing tablet's has some limitations.but if the dental pain is severe visit a dentist. ...

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i have hydrocele since last 2 months right hand side testicle i big in size and swallow ....please give me what are the solutions / treatments on this also i want to know what are the reasons because of that it could happened .

Hi, If the hydrocele is big then the only treatment is surgical,otherwise we can wait and watch if it is very small and does not cause you much symptom. Although the surgery is very small and you can move to your work after one days rest also. The most common reason is trivial trauma which most of us don't notice and another reason is when tunica vaginalis remains remenant or may be due to std(some infection during sex) ...

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