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  No much symptoms of frequent u

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No much symptoms of frequent urination or pain during passing Urine. On a routine check up, found prostate gland enlargement. On a scan found that prostate - 4.3 x 6 x 5.7 cm (63gms). PVR 48cc and Uroflowmetry (voided volume 0433ml). PCA test shown normal result (2.18 ng/mL). Doctor advised for Afdura 1 tab during night. Had it for one month and went for 2nd test and the result shown as Prostate 62gms (voided volume 0310 ml) and PVR 37 cc. Doctor advised to continue Afdura for another 2 months. Feeling normal except some trumbling feeling (mussle shrinking all over the Body - occassionally during sleep. ( No normal allergic sympts like drowziness of Afdura) Other wise comfortable with normal urination and no pain or any uneasiness during urination. I have to do Hernia surgery and waiting for this Afdura course of medicne to be over. Can I continue with Afdura... Can I go for Hernia Operation

PAST HISTORY : Diabetic last 25 years, Well controlled with Human Mixterd 30/70 insulin 18 units in the morning and 16 units in the evening in last 5 years with Glynase MF 1 Tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. (20 years was managing only with Glynase). Well maintained with diet and excecise. BP is normal always. Taking Thyronorm 75 mg, Asthimin Forte(B compled) 1 each every day. Taking Toncat 10 1 tab during night alternate days. Once in 3 month have diabetic comprehencive check up. Everything under control.

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Although i don't think there should be some problem in carrying with afdura,or going ahead with surgery.
The drug might be stopped just before surgery,rest it depends upon your examination.
Your size of prostate is not to big and neither is it causing extreme obstruction so you can continue with medical management.
Which place do you have a hernia.

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