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  I have lupus and rheumatoid ar

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I have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Also, have failed back syndrome after previous laminectomy and fusion (L5-S1) with bone growth stim device implant. Laminectony and fusion was done due to spondylolythesis, herniated disc with nerve compression as well as DJD and complete fracture of facet joints.Have suffered with neuropathy in right leg/foot since pre-surgery. Now have 8mm herniated disc at L4 and L3 with nerve compression. Also Grade 2 spondylolythesis and significant degeneration of L3 and L4. Have had numerous injections to back, RFA, oral steroids, NSAIDs. Do need to lose weight (am working on this). Do take opiates for pain. Neuropathy has worsened, have buttocks (bilat) pain and right leg pain. Also, have had several episodes where I cannot lift my legs,can only shuffle when I walk, back spasms as well. Sleep is impossible. Take lyrica for neuropathy with minimal relief and neuropathy has worsened recently. Am so-o sick of dealing with this all but would like to avoid surgery if possible. Any advice?

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Physiotherapy can help you in relieving your pain and functioning ...Give a chance

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I had a tooth surgically extracted Dec. 20th. It has felt like it has not healed properly. Five days ago I noticed the inside gum (under tongue) back from where the tooth was extracted had exposed bone and is extremely painful. I went back to the dentist today and she said it was not from the extraction, but was a mouth ulcer causing the bone to be exposed. She Rx'ed magic mouthwash and lortab 5mg. I have appt with oral surgeon on Thursday. I am concerned about she didn't give me antibiotics and the surgeon wont give any until consultation. Is this dangerous to have exposed bone? I have lupus and I don't know how this will affect me. Help
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1 Answer
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