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  12600 wbc count is good or bad

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12600 wbc count is good or bad?

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I need expert opinion regarding "Nill Sperm Count Treatment and Fruits and Vegetables to Increase Sperm Count" ...

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Hi! Your husband has nil sperm count termed as azoospermia.It is possible for a patient to have decreased sperm countt earlier( oligospermia) and now have nil sperm count.I would suggest a complete work up of your husband by a urologist who after a thorough examination of the genitals and a complete hormonal anaysis would be able to reach to a conclusion of the type of azoospermia.If sperm are present in the epidydimis ,extraction can be done and patient can concieve by IVF-also called test tub ...
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Hello, I have had a nail fungus for a good ten years or so. When I first noticed it, I went to my doctor and he game me lamasil which I stopped taking after a few days since it had negative affects on me. Thereafter, I stopped taking care of it and just let it go for a good 7 or 8 years. I eventually grew up and started getting very self conscious of how it looked and wanted to wear sandals and flip flops and not have people think nasty things about me. A few years ago I went to my doctor again and he gave me a topical oil which I used for over a year and did not see any results. About two years ago, I noticed that a vertical brown line was starting to grow from the bottom up. I went to a dermatologist who took a sample of my nail but did not take a sample of the nail bed or from the cuticle. Biopsy came back as of course it being a fungus. He in turn gave me pills to take which I also had to stop taking since it was having a bad affect on my liver. After that, my dermatologist said that he would give me laser treatments which I did two of. They did not clear it but it looks a little bit better then what it was before. Still thick, yellow, crumbling below the nail, nail bed where new nail is growing is darker then the others and the brown line is still there. It is a thick brown line. How did I get this brown line? Did I get it because of the prolonged damage of the nail bed due to the years of having the nail fungus?

  Doctor's Answer

You're most welcome. Nail Melanoma does not affect multiple nails together while Longitudunal Melanonychia (LM) often does. The fact that an additional nail is showing changes is nearly conclusive that this is LM, which as I said is harmless. However it would be best to see your doctor to get this confirmed since I cannot see the affected area. I would recommend getting the entire nail removed if its the only one affected by fungus, but this will be solely to treat the fungus not because I thin ...
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I have skin piling off my penis and it is itchy not to bad just worry about it i had sex and i didn't use protection.. And i notes it 3days ago.. Is it cure able??? Do i got to worry about it binge is it really bad... Pleas help me fix thus problem.... Thank u..

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HI, This does not sound like that you have have an STD. You might have ripped off your skin because STD produces way severe symptoms like discharge, ulcer, burning, micturition,and or pain during sex. So avoid or refrain from sexual activities for a few days till the time it is healed up. Some people also have problems with their soaps because soaps take away the oil from penis and it is an area which has to be stretched and so oiling might help a little. Use a lubricant while doing sex or mas ...
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A little over 3 weeks ago I went to the Dr for what he said was a really bad sinus infection. I was prescribed a 10 day course of antibiotics & I felt better. Well the last week Ive had a sore throat on the left side, an ear ache on the same side, a chesty cough I never got rid of and now bad breath. There are red streaks on the back of my throat which I assume are just from the stress of constantly coughing. I called the dr. & told him my symptoms and he seemed unalarmed and prescribed me another 10 day course of amoxicillian. My only concern is that its not a sinus infection because my sinuses aren't bothering me this time around - Im not even congested. Any ideas what it could be? Should I call the DR and make him actually see me or will the amox work? **Please no smart-alec comments about dental hygiene -- I brush 3 times a day & floss, so its not because i am not brushing**

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why don't u meet a better ent surgeon ...
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I have had virus symptoms since Sat...and the worse is an arm and neck twitching that started Sunday night. Today it is so bad I look like I have terrets or parkinson's syndrome. I have a low grade fever of 101.3 and a bad earache.

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Hi, The symptoms does not seem to be of viral infection, however it might have started as a viral infection but none of the symptoms match a viral infection and even 101 fever is not mild. You probably had some URTI (upper respiratory tract infection),which now probably has involved a bigger area and even might have also converted to a bacterial infection. Precautions to be taken - Have plenty of water(fluids non colas) - Avoid spicy food - You can have ice cream but not too much - Remain ...
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I need expert opinion regarding "Nill Sperm Count Treatment and Fruits and Vegetables to Increase Sperm Count" ...
1 Answer
high polymorphs and my erythrocyte sedimentation rate is after one hour 15 mm. two hours 32mm . my wbc count is 13400 my HDL cholesterol is 36.6 method use is immunoinhibition . Male 38 years old obese
2 Answers
My two semen analysis report 1. Colour white time of liquification 60 min volume 1.5 viscosity higly viscous reaction alakline fructose positive sperm count 160 million/ml motility actively motile 60% sluggish 20% dead 20% pus cell 0 to 2 p.h.f second report shows Count 40mi/ml, viscosity +2, motility 50%pus cell +2 debris +2 aggulation +1 morphology normal plz gibe me suggestion
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my bilirubin (total) is found 0.97 mg/dl, bilirubin direct is found 0.33 mg/dl, SGOT is found 41 iu/l, SGPT is found 80.9 iu/l, alkaline phosphatase is found 101 iu/l & albumin is found 4.2 gm/dl after going through a liver functioning test. I am very much worried about the SGPT count which came abnormal. i do not take regular alcohol, but i do take some medicines like norflox tz or ciprowin tz whenever i came across stomach upsets. Sir, please suggest me what should i do now and shall it be dangerous that the count came abnormal? please help.
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Name – Biman Das Age – 28 years Indian origin, stays in Bangalore, India. 9th July 2012 - hemoglobin electrophoresis suggestive of Homozygous Hemoglobin E disease Complaint – Weakness since 1year. Hi…. Below are the complete tests I have done two days back….. Blood Urea Nitrogen – 11.00 mg/dl Serum Creatinine – 1 mg/dl Serum Glucose – 94 mg/dl SERUM LIVER FUNCTION TEST Billirubin Total – 1.30 mg/dl Billirubin – direct – 0.30 mg/dl SGOT/AST (P5P, IFCC) – 63.00 IU/ml SGPT/ALT (P5P, IFCC) – 142.00 IU/ml ALP – 74 IU/ml Total protein – 7.80 g/dl Serum Albumin – 4.90 g/dl Serum Globulin – 2.90 g/dl ALB/GLOB Ratio – 1.69 g/dl SERUM TSH (ECLIA) – 6.240 IU/mL COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT WBC – 9300.00 /cu.mm RBC – 6.15 million/cu.mm Hemoglobin – 11.90 g/dl Haemotocrit (PCV) – 37.00 % MCV – 61.00 fL MCH – 19.40 Pg MCHC – 31.30 g/dl Platelet count – 135000.00 /Cu.mm DIFFERENTIAL COUNT Neutrophils – 52 % Lymphocytes – 43 % Monocytes – 3.00 % Eosinophils – 2.00 % ESR – 4.00 /1st hour. PERIPHERAL SMEAR EXAMINATION RBC’s – Show moderate anisopoikilocytosis, are microcytic hypochromic with few eliptocytes, target cells. WBC’s – Leucocytes are normal in total count and distribution Plateletes – Plateletes are reduced. Macroplateletes noted. Impression – Microcytic hypochromic blood picture with thrombocytopenia. (Kindly correlate with serum iron,TIBC, ferritin and Hb variant analysis [To rule out hemoglobinopathy]) OTHER TESTS – Routine Urine analysis – All values are normal ECG – Normal study X-Ray of chest – PA View – Normal Study MY HABBITS – Non veg 3 days a week Beer – 3 days a week( 700ml per day) drinking since 10 years. Smoking – 12 cigarettes per day (Smoking since 10 years). More Anxiety and less physical activities. Last one year I am inside my house, just for half an hour I go outside in the morning. MY HISTORY AND TESTS DONE EARLIER – History of acidity, constipation and digestion. 9th July 2012 - Haemoglobin electrophoresis suggestive of Homozygous Haemoglobin E disease. 16th October 2012 - Ultrasound of liver – Fatty Liver 18th October 2012 – Liver function test – All values are normal 18th October 2012 – Pulmonary test – Normal spirometery 18th October 2012 – Complete Haemoglobin – Haemoglobin 12.5 gm/dl, WBC – normal in number and morphology, RBC – Anicocytosis with microcytic hypochromic erythrocytes, mild polychromasia, elliptocytes and taget cells, platelets- adequate Please let me know is it very serious and also let me know some medicines and diet... Regards Biman Das
1 Answer
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