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Dear Sir, i am married & having 1 kid. i feel pain while having sex with out condom, since my penis foreskin is not going back. i have sex with condom, there is no pain also for me the sperm is coming out in 2 to 3 mins. i dont know whether it is because of pre-mature ejaculation due to phimosis?...

Hi, Pain during sex can have many causes and phimosis is one among those. But if you have phimosis then I think it is noticeable. You will notice a swelling while you are urinating at your prepuce,later on it might go on to become red and you may also have pus through your urinary meatus. Ppainful sex can also be due to - Peyronie's disease - Prostatitis - Urinary tract infection - Yeast infection - Dermatitis - Herpes - Psoriasis - Phimosis - Paraphimosis Since how long you are expe ...

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Hi, I am really stressed and don't want to self diagnos and go crazy, but I have had this (pimple, ulcer, follicule infection or chancre on the side of the shaft of my penis. I don't know which one it is. I don't have medical but I am signing up on Tuesday for state medical..... The story is it appear maybe a week after a day and a half masterbation marathon I am embarrassed to say I had. It started as just a burning sensation on the side like I ripped the skin which I have done before. So I just didnt touch it. That was on a Sunday then Monday Xmas I tried to have sex with my lady and I couldn't cause of the pain and burning sensation on the skin. We started and stopped. 3 days after that in the same burning area 1 pimple formed with maybe 2 smaller ones. Very small ones... I I tried to masterbate again and it seemed as if it irritated the area and another one grew. They got to an ok size and where kind of painful. Then they grew and seemed to bust and started to go down. They look some like a chancre or a lesion when it was going down. They itch a little bit I guess that's from healing but I am freaked out. I had unprotected sex with another woman maybe a month before the night I began the marathon. I have pics please help.

Hi, You might either be having STD or you might have ripped of your skin ,which might have also caused an ulcer. 1. Are you having any pain during micturition ? 2. Are you having any burning sensation during micturition ? 3. Are the ulceration rigid ? 4. Are there any glands on penile area ? 5. Any kind of secretion from ulcer or any kind of discharge ? If it is an STD then it can only be diagnosed by a scraping or specimen of discharge Please kindly describe the kind of ulcer(whether it is ...

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Hello, I began my period on Monday and I feel as though i have an abrasion on the right side of my vaginal opening. Yesterday, removing a tampon was uncomfortable, but today the pain was nearly unbearable. I also began experiencing UTI symptoms yesterday (urge to pee, pain in urethra and bladder at the end of urine stream). I was recently on antibiotics for a sinus infection and took my last pill on Monday. I've also been tested for STDs within the last year and have had the same sex partner. My hubby and I did have rough sex on Sunday but I felt fine and I urinated as normal. Could the antibiotics have given me a uti? What do you think about the scratched feeling? I'm getting worried.

HI, Abrasion,or may be a scratchy feeling that you are having can have many causes out of which 1)Having rough sex is amongst the common causes 2)If you had sex before actually your vagina was wet(then causing an injury is relatively easy),you might not have been aroused properly 3)UTI itself is among the common causes giving you such a feel. I don't think that you may have had UTI because of any antibiotic,but if you have too less water during antibiotic course and antibiotic taken is a he ...

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I am healthy.problem is with my nerve which is attached to forehead of panis in the down side. When i am doing sex and try yo insert full panis in vagina then it's have little pain. I looked and find it has little yellow stuff inside the nerve. As normal , it's not paining even i touch or press or little stretched the skin from forehead but when i do enough stretched its little pain. Still i can do sex with little pain when fully insert. Please advice medicine name so i can take.

Hi, I don't think it should be some thing serious and usually there should be nothing like what you are describing, and it is actually very difficult to say without having a look at it.(you may upload a photo) Do you have any kind of discharge from penis do you have any pain Is there any burning micturition If you have any of the above symptoms then kindly visit a doctor( genral surgeon) nearby. ...

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I feel i am a sex addict...i need to remove it from my side....kindly help..any medicines available to remove sex addiction?

Hi, There are a very few people who actually know that they are addicts to sex,and want to leave it voluntarily by themselves. Non medical ways to leave sex 1)try indulging in other activities like sports or any of your other hobbies 2)try doing every morning yoga 3)try getting away from pornographic material in any form 4)try making more friends in same sex 5)do regular physical work out 6)try reading books(may be some literature or some kind of religious books) 7)avoid staying alone for a few ...

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i had sex with my husband last month on 11 march. he used condom but he felt that protection has failed so gave me unwanted 72. after 1 day on 13 march we again had sex. this time also he used condom but this time we both sure that there is nothing to wary so i didn't take unwanted 72. next day i was bleeding continuously for 3 days. my periods date was 4 march but still don't get my period. my pregnancy test was negative and i m taking pill to get my period. what to do pls help me

Hi, The day you must have finished your tablets for bringing periods,the periods will come around 5-10 days after the last day you had your tablets. Unwanted 72 is a hormonal drug and and it is not neccesary that it will disturb your cycle at one go,that depends from person to persons hormonal structure how your body reacts to those drugs but if taken plenty of times they can cause you hormonal imbalance and should be avoided as much as possible. ...

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When sex first time sex with girl then bleeding but afterthat not come bleeding.why so? But few girl not come bleeding in first time sex .I think that she had sex before any with person this wrong or right

Hi there. Bleeding after first sexual intercourse is not an absolute indication if a woman is virgin (no previous sexual experience) or not. Someimes a person is virgin but will not have any bleeding in her 1st experience. It just may mean that she was well relaxed on her 1st time. Others, may bleed even if they are not vigin anymore, especially if the woman is not well lubricated during intercourse. ...

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